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Symbol 2

Hi there. I am sorry for not having posted for a few weeks, but finally I am back to show you another symbol I have been working on for my stories. As for the Rostak series, I am working on it and the next excerpt will be out in a few days. I also planContinue reading “Symbol 2”


Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting for some time. This time, I am bringing you a symbol that I created for both Rostak and Destiny Series. Please review it in the comments. This is made using many symbols, and has a major role to play in my stories. Please tell how you find it.

Hello There! My name is Ishaan, and I am a poet by heart. I would be using this platform to reach out to you people so you can help me improve through your reviews. Please like and follow to encourage me to bring you more. Constructive criticism is welcomed! 

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