Destiny: Excerpt 1

Hey Guys! This is the first time I will be posting a story on my blog! This is an excerpt from a book I am working on, so criticism is highly welcomed. In case you like it, please do like. If I get positive reviews, I will continue to post more. Hope you like it!



Mark yawned loudly as he got off his bed, and walked down the stairs to find the rest of the people already ready to eat. Allison was fiddling with her forks and knives and Jason sat patiently, while Mrs Stark prepared their food.

“Early bird, huh?” Jason teased him. Just the other day Mark had remarked that he was the earliest riser in the family, which was indeed true most of the times. But the previous night’s sleep had been tiring. He had seen strange things, things he could not understand. He had seen himself standing amongst a huge army, while in front of him he could make out a larger force gathering at the horizon, ready for war. Then he heard the horns blow and they ran forth, ready to fight.

And then, he saw a tall man, muscular yet thin. His eyes shone with a blue glint while his hair was the darkest shade of black. He wore a long, old robe which draped the land beneath him. There was no expression on his face, just peace. He seemed to be an enlightened person, who had found the meaning of life. He had told Mark just one thing: “The time has come to fulfil your destiny.”

Mark walked around the table to his seat as Mrs Stark placed the food in front of him. Mrs Stark owned the orphanage where the three of them lived. Mark had never known or seen his parents, and Mrs Stark treated all of them like her own kids. Mark gobbled his food absent-mindedly, and didn’t even realise when the clock struck seven and the others got up to leave for the garden. Since the vacations had begun, Mrs Stark had told them to go into the lawn every day at seven and get some fresh air. Mark picked up a book from the shelf in the living room and followed Jason out the house.

He climbed up a small tree, and sat at the top, where he started reading. Jason and Allison were playing catch. He saw them laughing and running around, enjoying the morning. They were both two years younger than him, (him being 14) and for that reason he often sat alone, while they stayed together. Not that he didn’t like them, but he found them too immature for him.

He gazed at the sun, which sat at the horizon, turning the sky around it purple. The clouds wove through the purple tapestry, increasing the beauty of the scene. He had always admired the sun, and especially in the mornings he would look at the perfectly round ball emerging from the ground into the air. When after a rainy day, the sun would shine from behind the clouds, he would sit on a tree and enjoy the beauty of nature as the overwhelmed birds chirped with laughter and the trees swayed with joy, dancing to the melody of God. Mark returned his attention to reading, because the sun had become too hot to look at. He looked blankly at the pages of the book, not really reading. His mind swayed back to his dream. The man he had seen seemed familiar. He tried hard but couldn’t remember where he had seen him. The sound of the horn still echoed in his ears, as he relived the scene.

Why am I thinking so much? I get strange dreams all the time. They don’t really mean anything!

But Mark couldn’t get the thought out of his head.

He returned his attention to the book. It was a murder mystery, and like all other books of that genre, it was getting too obvious to interest him. He yawned loudly, and the book dropped out of his hand. He jumped down to pick it up, and when he did, a page came out of the book. He picked it up, and looked for the page number, so he could put it back. To his astonishment, it had none, and the words were written with golden ink.

Vulpardeo awaits you…




Hope you all liked it! If you did, please like to let me know. I will bring you more soon. Thanks for reading!



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