Garuka: Chapter 7

Lord Asuka marched around the fort, analyzing casualties and losses. His face was black with anger. Twelve men had been martyred. Almost all were injured. There had been heavy destruction of the defenses.

The sun was just rising from the horizon, and the red light gave a calming hue to the land.

The enemy had been defeated, thanks to the alertness of the guards, who warned the soldiers as soon as they arrived.

They had killed over a hundred members of the Kaal, but most had retreated.

Suddenly, Rudrayan, the only colonel of Fort Swift, came running to him.

Fort Swift

“Sire! There is something you must see!” He exclaimed.

Asuka nodded and started following him.

They reached the bank of the river, where the bridge had once been.

“Oh yes. I heard about the bravery of Surya. He was quite a soldier, able to time his moves with the opening of the dam upstream. It is quite painful that he was martyred.” Asuka said.

“Lord, that’s not it. I found something on the other bank. Surya is even smarter than we thought.”

To be continued…

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