Running in Circles

We all have been running in circles.

We have been running in circles ever since humankind evolved.


We wish to get out of it, yet we are afraid of trying. Our lives have fallen into a predictable pattern. Wake up, eat, get ready, leave for work, come back at night, and sleep.

We hate our jobs, we hate our lives. But we are afraid to stop for a second.

But that is exactly what we need. To just stop for a second. When we wish for our lives to change, we run harder. But without realizing, we are fooling ourselves. What we need is to ask ourselves, where are we headed? Running without aim is as good as throwing together ingredients and hoping that a great dish is formed. When we fail, we put in the same ingredients, and hope it works. But can it? The only way to make the dish is to have a recipe. The only way to get a recipe is to make a recipe that works for you. The only way to make a recipe is to stop and think.

The world is going around in loops.

We need to break the loop. Instead of pushing around the box, think out-of-the-box. Be innovative.

We are acting like a toad at the bottom of a well. We are so accustomed to the loop, that it has become our world. We are afraid of going out.

But we must take the risk. For the riskers of yesterday are the leaders of today. He who takes no risk, takes the biggest risk. The risk of losing his uniqueness.

What do you have to fear? A man running in circles can not claim to have anything to lose.

People say they want a peaceful life. Peace? What is peace? When you have nothing to worry about? When there is no uncertainty? When you know how tomorrow will play out? Then you shall one day realise that the peace you craved for has become your greatest nightmare.

You ask me what is peace then? Peace, is when I go to sleep every night, knowing that tomorrow will be a new day. A bright day. A new opportunity. A stage. When I know that I will act of my own accord, my own wish, on that stage. I will not be a puppet of the society. I will do what my heart tells me to. That knowledge, is peace.

The loop has been the same since eons. We are speeding up inside the loop, thinking we have become better. But have we? We are still the same toad inside the well.

It is up to you. Who do you want to be? A human, or The Human?

We are evolving. The loop is now too small to contain us. Soon it will break. But someone has to take the initiative. Who will take the step? Who will have the courage?

Will it be YOU?

Published by Ishaan Sharma

Hello There! My name is Ishaan, and I am a poet with a wandering imagination. I travel my wide thoughts and pen them down. I look forward to hearing from you!

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