Sapphire: Chapter 1

Akshat had always felt that Mr. Gupta was a rather strange person.

They had been neighbours for years, but Akshat still didn’t know his first name. Not that he hadn’t tried to find out. He would often come across him on the street, but before he could say anything, Mr. Gupta would hurry off.

He was known by the people of the area to be an introverted man. He would open his mouth only when extremely necessary, and preferred to be away from people.

It was said that it had all started after his wife’s sudden demise, 7 years ago.

Akshat was new to the area, but his neighbours told that she was in good health and her death was something no one saw coming.

Mr. Gupta had remained silent over the cause, but there were quite some rumours. Rumours Akshat found laughable…


Last month Mr. Gupta had arrived at Akshat’s house and requested a sum of 5000 rupees. He had said that he needed it for some urgent minor operation at the hospital. He had refused to share further details, but promised to repay the money within a week.

The due date was long gone, and though Akshat didn’t mind spending the sum if it helped a lonely old man in need, he was starting to wonder if Mr. Gupta was well now. So Akshat decided to set out on a visit to his house.

He put on his boots and opening his front door, walked out into the street.

Just as he did, he found his friend, Raghav, outside. Raghav worked as a constable in the police force, and lived in the next street.

Having greeted each other, Raghav asked him where he was off to.

“I was just paying a visit to Mr. Gupta. He came to my house last month asking for some money due to medical needs. I thought I would check if he was well now.” Akshat answered.

Raghav looked at him with disbelief. “Yesterday he visited my house, and asked me for financial help too. He said he had a knee operation and needed 10000 rupees. I clearly remember him saying that it was the first time he was asking anyone for monetary help.”

Akshat was shocked. He had many questions. Only one man could answer them…

To be continued…

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Photo Credit: Pexels

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