Sapphire: Chapter 2

If you haven’t read it already, you can find Chapter 1 here.

Now, the story:

Akshat and Raghav arrived at Mr. Gupta’s house, and knocked at the front door.

No one answered.

They knocked again, but to no avail.

Just as they were about to leave, the gate of the house next door opened, and a small boy, of around eight, came out.

He looked at them and with a tilted head, asked, “Are you looking for Mr. Gupta? He went that way just a minute ago. I saw him.” The boy pointed to the right. “He goes to house 66b everyday this time. I have noticed it. If you would walk a little fast, you would find him on his way.”

With that, the boy waved his hand and ran off, probably going to play with his friends.

It seemed rather strange. Who would a secretive man like Mr. Gupta be meeting regularly?

They followed the child’s advice and headed down the street, hoping to find out what was going on. As much as they didn’t like to jump to conclusions, both Raghav and Akshat couldn’t help but think that Mr. Gupta was a fraudster.


As they turned right onto the next street, Akshat spotted Mr. Gupta in the distance. He was standing in front of a house. Before they could call him out, he threw something into the dustbin outside the mansion, and quickly walked in.

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Akshat and Raghav ran over to the location. The door had been locked. They would have to wait till some other time to meet him.

At the center of the gate, the house number was boldly written:


There was an eerie feeling to it. Just as Akshat turned to leave, the trained eyes of Constable Raghav noticed something.

He motioned to Akshat to stop.

Raghav quickly fished out a rectangular wooden board from the dustbin.

“Isn’t this what our money seeking neighbour tossed in just now?” He asked with a slight grin.

Akshat nodded, confused.

“See this.” Raghav said, and showed the board to him.

On the corners of the board was written the english alphabet, and the ten numerals. At the centre were written clearly the words “YES/NO”.

They both had heard of it and seen it in movies, but it was the first time they were seeing it in real life.



To be continued…


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