Sapphire: Chapter 3

Hello! Sorry for not having posted for a while. Here is the third chapter of the Sapphire series. In case you haven’t already, you can read chapter 2 here:

Akshat shook his head in disbelief.
“How could Mr. Gupta possibly conceal such a big secret from the entire neighbourhood? It’s just impossible! News about such matters spreads like wildfire.”

They were both at Raghav’s house, pondering over the issue. They sat on the opposite sides of a dusty wooden table on which lay the Ouija board. It had an aura of fear surrounding it, and neither had touched it since they had brought it there.

“You are asking the wrong questions.” Said Raghav. As a Police Constable, he had ample experience in dealing with such cases. “The real question is: Who owns ‘66b’?”
Akshat nodded. “Perhaps you could find that out from some government record? I believe it would be fairly easy for you?”

Raghav closed his eyes, his right hand pulling at the overgrown tuft of hair on his head.
After a while, he spoke.
“In an ideal situation, I could. But this is really interesting…” He said, moving his thumb around in circles on his forehead.
“As soon as the boy told us that Gupta was visiting the mansion every day, I felt that something fishy was going on. I sent a text to a person who works in the department, asking her about the details. She replied back a few minutes ago…”

Raghav went quiet once again, as if in deep contemplation.
“And?…” Akshat asked, unable to wait any longer.

“She says she has checked all the databases for this area. There is no 66b.”

To be continued…

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Published by Ishaan Sharma

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