Twist in Destiny


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They say man is by destiny bound.

That he is a mere puppet,

Guided by the holy sound,

Deciding his rise and set.


That is the the greatest lie there is.


Circumstances don’t make you,

you make them,

your conditions don’t make you feel blue,

Unless you let them.


There shall be a twist in destiny,

There shall be light,

And you shall for yourself see,

When it shall burn bright.


Change how you deal with the situation,

Not your goal

Your life is your creation

You own this hallowed hall.


You are not controlled,

you are the controller,

You are not ruled,

You are the ruler.


You decide your thought,

Your thought is what you are.

Your life is hence wrought

by your own great power.


We are the writers of our fate,

We are the makers of our choice,

God gave us free will great,

He doesn’t play dice.


Even the sun,

Will bow,

before such a human

who, his boat through the stream of life will row.



Published by Ishaan Sharma

Hello There! My name is Ishaan, and I am a poet with a wandering imagination. I travel my wide thoughts and pen them down. I look forward to hearing from you!

33 thoughts on “Twist in Destiny

  1. That’s pretty fantastic. It reminds me of something from the Psalms:

    What is man that you are mindful of him?
    The son of man that you care for him?
    You made him a little lower than the angels
    You crowned him with glory and honor
    You put everything under his feet.

    Not sure exactly where the correlation lies, but that’s what it brought to mind.

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