Happy Independence day to all my indian readers! I haven’t written anything lately, so thought of reposting this poem for this occasion. Jai Hind! (Note: The english version of this poem can be found below).

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Tricolor Flag of India (Tiranga)

नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये भारत पर एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ । देवनागरी में टाइप करना मेरे लिये थोडा मुश्किल है इस्लिये कृप्या मेरी गलतियों को माफ करना।

आशा है की अपको कविता पसंद आए ।


यह भूमी महाभारत की,

यह धरती नीलगिरी पर्वत की।

यह युगों पुराना देश है,

इसका रख्वाला परमेश है।

जन हृदय मैं बसी है जहां मा भारती,

जिन्के मुकुट को हिमालय की वादियां है संवारती,

जिन्के चरणों को धोती सिन्धु की लहरे,

इस देश में बहती है लाखों नहरे।

यह गन्गा माँ का देश है,

इसका रखवाला परमेश है।

जहां बहती है गोदावरी दरिया,

उस देश को कहते हम सोने की चिड़िया ।

हमें श्रेष्ठ स्वाधीन बनने से रोक ना पाओंगे,

भारत के दुश्मनों तुम मिट्टी में मिल जाओंगे।

ये युगों पुराना देश हैं,

इसका रख्वाला परमेश है!





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English translation:

Here is a poem I wrote on India. It is originally written in Hindi language and Devanagari script, and I will try my best to translate it.


This is the soil of the tale of Mahabharat*

This is the land of the Nilgiri hills.


This nation is eons old,

Its protector is God himself.


Here the people’s hearts are filled with thoughts about Bharat mata●(Mother India),

Whose crown is the valley of Himalayas.

Whose feet are washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean,

In this nation flow a million streams.


This is the land of Mother Ganga▪︎

Protected by God himself.


it is the nation where the mighty Godavari # flows,

It is the nation called the Bird of Gold.°


We shall become fully sovereign and strong,

Enemies of India shall be turned to dust


This nation is eons old,

Its protector is God himself.



*Mahabharata is an ancient holy text written by Sage Veda Vyas. It is a historical account of the events leading up to great war and how all the characters play out their duties(Dharma). Mahabharat means “The great dynasty of Bharat. Bharat was an ancient king after whom India is named in Sanskrit.

Note: The name “India” comes from the Indus river, and was given by Europeans. Indus is called Sindhu in Sanskrit and The Persians called it as Hindu. Due to this India is also called Hindustan and the term Hindu is used to refer to the people following the Indian religion, but earlier it was a geo-cultural identity.

●Bharat Mata is the allegory of India, and translates to Mother India.

Bharat Mata - Wikipedia
Bharat Mata


■Ganga is a holy river flowing in India

Ganga Ghat

#Godavari is a river in central India

°India was referred to as the golden bird in the ancient era owing to its great wealth. It was an attraction to traders across Arabia, china and Europe.

Hope you liked the poem. Let me know in the comments.

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72 thoughts on “भारत

      1. हाँ। हिंदी विदेश में भी बोलती है।

        आपका दिन कैसा चल रहा है?

        बड़ा आदमी। वहाँ पर लॉकडाउन कैसे है?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. सच में? कौन से देश में?
          बहुत अच्छा । आप बताइये ।
          मैं बड़ा कब से हो गया?
          अब तो लॉक डाउन हट गया

          Liked by 1 person

        2. haha. Google Translate always fails you.
          At first you said: Very beautiful poem. Jai Hind(Victory to India).

          Then I said: Wow, even foreigners are saying Jai Hind nowadays.

          Then you said: Yes, Hindi is spoken in foreign nations as well. How are you? Big man.

          Then I said: Really? In which nation?
          I am very well, how about you?
          Big man? What does that mean?

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Yes bro

          But I will have to firstly learn my Spanish

          Then Hindi

          Then I will form my own unique language

          And name it Yospahin (Yoruba+spanish+Hindi) 😂😂

          Someone should please clap for me 😌 👏🏽


          Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey! It is a dusty road leading up to a hill.
      It is interpretable in many ways. I see it as the rough journeys in life leading up to a great success/achievement/goal.
      Not all roads will be easy, but if you always keep the goal (the hill) in sight, then you will surely make it one day.
      And one day you will be standing on the top, looking back/down at the long road you took.
      And you will know it was worth it.(Just my attempt to explain it. This could be a post in the future!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohhhhhhhh 😮 such a wonderful explanation from you!

        I have been very interested in learning about the logo

        Anytime I want to search for you I’m the reader, I put Ishaan, and I will sort out the blogs with the pictures 😅

        That’s really nice to know. What of the other icon that was covered with fire? Do you still remember it? Please what’s the meaning of that?

        Wow 🤩 you never cease to amaze me with your top-notch explanations.

        Liked by 1 person

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