A Poll for all my Readers

Hullo readers! Hope you are doing well.

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As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t posted much in the previous weeks. I apologise for the long break. However, I will try to be a bit more regular now.

So in the past I have, at various times, started off a story in the form of a series. In all these cases, I ended up leaving the tale midway. I know I left many readers hanging and I am sorry for that. So now I have decided to get back to these stories. But the question arises-which one?

So I need your help. Below I will list all the series I had started in the past, along with a short description of the setting. I request everyone who is reading this to give their suggestion about which one I should start over. I will start off from the beginning, both so that I can improve my writing and so that the new readers will be able to join the journey.

So, the options are:

  1. Serp: Serp is a tale about a boy named Arjun, who lives with his uncle in a village in central India. His parents had died in a road accident when he was too young to understand anything. Now he is stuck in a web of events which make little sense. There is only one thing he knows for sure; His life is in danger. This series blends together mythology, adventure, and thrill.
  2. Garuka: The story of a young man named Surya, and his kingdom ‘Garuka’. Surya had been leading a simple life in a village far off from the eventful capital, until he decides to join the Royal Garukan Army. This series will follow the journey of the warrior, and how he overcomes multiple barriers.
  3. Sapphire: Akshat’s neighbourhood had been a placid and uneventful one. But as he begins investigating a minor mystery, the pieces fall together and a grand plot is revealed. Secret societies, cults, illegal organisations, they had all been functioning as close to him as can be, and he had no clue. This story is a thriller, which will capture Akshat, and his friend Raghav’s attempts to discover the dark truth of all the peculiar events they notice.

You may go over the first few short chapters of these stories that I had posted in the past, to get a better idea of what they are about.

So, let me know which one you’d like me to go forward with! (Note that the poll only appears when you are viewing the actual site on a browser. You could also tell me in the comments instead.)

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Hello There! My name is Ishaan, and I am a poet with a wandering imagination. I travel my wide thoughts and pen them down. I look forward to hearing from you!

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