Happy Diwali!

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Happy Diwali to all my readers! May there be peace and happiness in your life!

Diwali or Deepawali is perhaps the most important festival of the hindus and the most widely celebrated across India. It is the festival of lights and celebrates the return of Lord Shri Ram- the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu- and Mother Sita from a period of 14 years of exile, after having defeated the demon king Ravan.

It is celebrated on the new moon night of the Hindu month of Kartikeya, by lighting diyas (Lamps), decorating houses and distributing sweets.

It is the festival of lights and represents victory of good over evil.

Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com

The story of Lord Ram’s journeys and life is recorded in the ancient text of Ramayana, written by Rishi Valmiki. There are said to be over 300 versions of the tale, written by various saints, which differ only on finer details.

I hope that on this day we spread the message of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”(The world is one family) and all beings are happy.

I would end by quoting a verse from the Hindu text Mundaka Upanishad:

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः ।

येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् ॥

Transliteration: satyameva jayate nānṛtaṃ
satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ
yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā
yatra tat satyasya paramaṃ nidhānam

Tranlsation(Source:Wikipedia) Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.
Through truth the divine path is spread out
by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled,
reach to where is that supreme treasure of Truth

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Hello There! My name is Ishaan, and I am a poet with a wandering imagination. I travel my wide thoughts and pen them down. I look forward to hearing from you!

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