सूर्य (Translation Below)

नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ। मैं अभी देवनागरी में type करना सीख रहा हूँ इसलिये कृपया मेरी गलतियों को क्षमा करें। आशा है आपको कविता पसन्द आये। सूर्य आखिर सूर्य जागा है। • आखिर सूर्य जागा है,घोर अँधियारा हमने लाँघा है।उषा की लालिमा छाई है,हमने फिर खुशहाली पाई है।Continue reading “सूर्य (Translation Below)”

Search for Truth

I travelled to places far,And saw as far as went my sight.Despite this wait of many hours,I found no end to this plight. I heard the speech of many a man,Which gave peace to all but me,And say this for sure I can,I still didn’t find any glee. I tasted many a herb,many glories toContinue reading “Search for Truth”

The Northern Wind

[——Reposted——] Oh Northern wind! What tidings do you bring? Words from a bard’s mind, you so beautifully sing. .. Far you have come, but farther you must go. All the way you shall hum, ballads of joy and sorrow. .. You have passed through the valley, You have rushed, through the alley. Yet on youContinue reading “The Northern Wind”

The Sword Bleeds

Oh now the sword bleeds! Drips down the dark blood. Oh there go all the valiant deeds, The warrior is lowered into the mud. . It remembers the fiery chambers, The torturous furnace, The flying embers, It was forged in the gloomy days. . It remembers when it the warrior chose to wield, Gave itContinue reading “The Sword Bleeds”

The Hour of Doom

[———-Reposted———-] When the clouds shall rain blood, and when skulls and bones, shall grow from the thick mud, The air filled with shrieks and moans. . When the stars shall fade The moon shall turn brown, When the sky shall lose its shade, The earth, shall in that hour frown. . Water shall dry, andContinue reading “The Hour of Doom”


Happy Independence day to all my indian readers! I haven’t written anything lately, so thought of reposting this poem for this occasion. Jai Hind! (Note: The english version of this poem can be found below). नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये भारत पर एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ । देवनागरी में टाइप करना मेरे लियेContinue reading “भारत”

Fear and Courage

Franklin D Roosevelt once said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” We all fear something or the other. In fact, if a person tells you he fears nothing, he is afraid of the truth. But does that fear make you a coward? DefinitelyContinue reading “Fear and Courage”

Twist in Destiny

[—Reposted—] They say man is by destiny bound. That he is a mere puppet, Guided by the holy sound, Deciding his rise and set. . That is the the greatest lie there is. . Circumstances don’t make you, you make them, your conditions don’t make you feel blue, Unless you let them. . There shallContinue reading “Twist in Destiny”

Flickering Candle #Haiku

Note: I am sorry I haven’t posted any proper poem since long. I have been unable to come up with an idea I can expand into a longer post. Also, my Sapphire series has been on a hold since quite some time. But I will surely get back to it soon. Thank you for understanding!Continue reading “Flickering Candle #Haiku”

Poem: A Winter Evening

This was the first poem I published on this blog. I wrote it over 4 years back, when I was just 10, and haven’t written anything new recently, so thought of reposting it. Looking back, I wouldn’t call it a good poem, but since this was where it all started, there seems no harm inContinue reading “Poem: A Winter Evening”

Fall of the Eternal Darkness

I look at the sky The eternal darkness. Seems as if joy has been struck by illness . The days are dark The nights darker Evil is stark Good is weaker . There is no moon Far off is noon Never ending pain Oh! Humanity has been stained . No silver lining on the cloudContinue reading “Fall of the Eternal Darkness”

Free Fall

We are in free fall, Plumetting down the chasm, Surrounded by the fiery wall. . There is no hope, No crevice to hold on to, Nor any rope. . Death seems certain, All that our future holds, Is pain. . All action seems futile, For we are in free fall, Yet I wear a smile.Continue reading “Free Fall”

There’s a Spark in YOU

They say that there is a spark inside each of us, and all it needs is to be ignited. Once it is given the fuel, it becomes unquenchable. It consumes all that is fed to it, and comes out stronger. However, a flame which is still growing is easy to put out. A few dropsContinue reading “There’s a Spark in YOU”

Who are You?

Aditya sat down on the bench at the bus-stop with a sigh of relief. It was his daily routine to take a bus to the office. He was early today, which meant he had some time to think peacefully. He had been under a lot of stress lately. His boss was making unreasonable demands andContinue reading “Who are You?”

Thinking about Thoughts

How do you define thoughts? I have been wondering about this question for some time. I decided to do a quick search on the net. The dictionary defines ‘thinking’ as: “The process of considering or reasoning about something“ So I did what was obvious. I asked it what reasoning was. The answer: “The action ofContinue reading “Thinking about Thoughts”

Sapphire: Chapter 3

Hello! Sorry for not having posted for a while. Here is the third chapter of the Sapphire series. In case you haven’t already, you can read chapter 2 here: Akshat shook his head in disbelief.“How could Mr. Gupta possibly conceal such a big secret from the entire neighbourhood? It’s just impossible! News about such mattersContinue reading “Sapphire: Chapter 3”

Sapphire: Chapter 2

If you haven’t read it already, you can find Chapter 1 here. Now, the story: Akshat and Raghav arrived at Mr. Gupta’s house, and knocked at the front door. No one answered. They knocked again, but to no avail. Just as they were about to leave, the gate of the house next door opened, andContinue reading “Sapphire: Chapter 2”

The End

The Cloud bleeds Into infinite darkness. . Darkness without a blot. The blood trickles down the unseen ether. . It falls on the thirsty land, Seeping into the depth. . Into the fiery chasm. Into the dying light. . Yet there stands no witness, To the bleeding sky. . In that eternal darknes. . TheContinue reading “The End”

Sapphire: Chapter 1

Akshat had always felt that Mr. Gupta was a rather strange person. They had been neighbours for years, but Akshat still didn’t know his first name. Not that he hadn’t tried to find out. He would often come across him on the street, but before he could say anything, Mr. Gupta would hurry off. HeContinue reading “Sapphire: Chapter 1”

Running in Circles

We all have been running in circles. We have been running in circles ever since humankind evolved. We wish to get out of it, yet we are afraid of trying. Our lives have fallen into a predictable pattern. Wake up, eat, get ready, leave for work, come back at night, and sleep. We hate ourContinue reading “Running in Circles”

About Page Edited

Hello Everyone! I have recently edited my About Page to better suit my site. Please check it out and let me know how it is! Oh and I have changed the comment settings so that the readers who are not logged into WordPress can comment without having to enter their email and website, however, itContinue reading “About Page Edited”

Call of The Himalayas

I can hear, The Himalayas calling, I can feel, The flakes falling. . The mountains stand high, The mountains stand strong, The tibetan bells are nigh, Oh, it won’t be long! . I am on my way, This time, I just won’t stay. You can hear my echoes in the valley, You can see meContinue reading “Call of The Himalayas”

It’s a story!!!

“And the man plummeted down the cliff, and fell for five straight minutes…” “Impossible! He would fall 450 kilometres in that time in vaccum. With air, it would still be well over a hundred. Unless the cliff was on the ISS, he couldn’t fall that long!” “It’s a story Ishaan!!!” The class roared, and sighing,Continue reading “It’s a story!!!”

The prophecy of Canicula

Hello friends! This post is about a prophecy by Lord Canicula from my story titled Vulpardeo. Hope you like it. Seek for the great sign, It is time for the sun to shine! Seek for the dog-star, Come has the rise of power! Seek for the hidden Mark, Come is the fall of the dark!Continue reading “The prophecy of Canicula”

Lament for Erus the Wise

This is a lament for a character from my story of Vulpardeo. Hope you like it. He was born, In the elder days, In time’s morn, So the poets say . Born to a weaver by the shore Saved by a beaver So says the lore. . Taken by the saints At an early age,Continue reading “Lament for Erus the Wise”

A wanderer was he…

A wanderer was he His pace was swift. The world he longed to see, His foot fell on hill and rift. . A wanderer was he, Every horse he rode. He saw every desert and sea Every boat he rowed. . A wanderer was he His feet, the earth like sunlight swept. He decided toContinue reading “A wanderer was he…”

Heaven Hunter

Leaves Across the scene swept, tonight, even the clouds wept. No-one knew how long this would last, Life out of his eyes vanished fast. . Time is running out, all he can do is shout! then it all ceased… . His life across his eyes flashed, as his body the wind slashed. The moment stretchedContinue reading “Heaven Hunter”

Philosphy of Rope and Snake

How are you all? Yesterday, i posted a Haiku on my blog, titled Illusion. For those who didn’t read it, here is the content: A rope in the dark, Is often scarier than A visible snake -Ishaan So a few minutes had passed since it had been posted, when one of my subscribers contacted meContinue reading “Philosphy of Rope and Snake”

Garuka: Chapter 11

Surya led Rudrayan into the tent. On the floor, three men lay, gagged and blindfolded. Rudrayan smiled. He looked at him and said, “Lord Asuka will be pleased to learn of this. You have shown exceptional bravery. The whole Garuka is grateful for this. For now, we shall drag these men back to the fort.Continue reading “Garuka: Chapter 11”

Garuka: Chapter 10

Hi all! How are you? So it has been quite some time since I posted the 9th chapter of the Garuka series. I am sorry if I left any reader hanging. As strange as it may sound, I had forgotten about it 😅. Hopefully I will be more regular now. So let’s start! The GarukanContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 10”

Speech by Canicula

Hey there! I posted this long back, but it hardly got any views. So thought I would repost it. It is a speech by Lord Canicula from my story ‘Vulpardeo’. Please share your views “This War is not between Vulpardeo and Xenophia. It will not be fought on a battlefield. It is not between twoContinue reading “Speech by Canicula”

Poem: Parting with friends

This is one of the first poems I publsihed on this blog. I am reposting it since I can’t think of anything new. . . The happiness we felt together, will forever in our heart grin . The tears we wept together, will forever our heart drain . The wounds we suffered together, will foreverContinue reading “Poem: Parting with friends”


hello! This is my first poem in hindi. I have also written the translation in english for my readers from overseas. Please tell how you find it. It is a little difficult to type hindi so please excuse me for spelling errors. Hope you like it. बागी खुदा आज है कहां आज उदास पूरा जहां।Continue reading “बागी”

Garuka: Chapter 9

The horses neighed and halted in unison, as Rudrayan raised his hand. “The tracks go into the forest. The path is too narrow for all the horses to pass at once. We must dismount here.” He declared. Everyone complied and quickly hopped off their stallions. The company marched into the woods, fully alert. After walkingContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 9”

Garuka: Chapter 8

Asuka laughed. “This is the best thing which happened in years!” He stood beside Rudrayan. They were looking at the ground beyond the orchards. There was a straight line which had been drawn with a sword’s tip, starting from where they stood, and going on towards the forest. Surya had traced his path while pursuingContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 8”

Garuka: Chapter 7

Lord Asuka marched around the fort, analyzing casualties and losses. His face was black with anger. Twelve men had been martyred. Almost all were injured. There had been heavy destruction of the defenses. The sun was just rising from the horizon, and the red light gave a calming hue to the land. The enemy hadContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 7”

Garuka: Chapter 6

How are you? It has been some time since I posted a chapter of my Garuka series. So here it is. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. As the water subsided, Surya saw the sixth enemy standing on the other bank, trembling. He turned, and ran towards the orchard. Suddenly, an arrow cameContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 6”

Garuka Chapter 5

The enemy swung his club widely, as Surya dropped to the ground to avoid being hit. He swiftly moved his sword forth and left a deep gash on the opponent’s right foot. Roaring, he brought the club down, aiming for Surya’s head. Surya hopped backwards, and got back on his feet. As the giant liftedContinue reading “Garuka Chapter 5”

Garuka: Chapter 4

Surya moved forward, his sword pointed towards the men. He could hear cries from the other side of the fort. It seemed that the real battle was being fought elsewhere. These were just a distraction to divide the Garukan soldiers. If he blew the horn again, more soldiers would come for his help, but thatContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 4”

Garuka: Chapter 3

Hullo! This is the third chapter of the Garuka series. Hope you like it. Do leave an honest review in the comment section along with suggestions. . . . As Surya turned, a knife swished past him, leaving a deep cut on his left arm. He winced, and took his sword out of the scabbard.Continue reading “Garuka: Chapter 3”

Garuka: Chapter 2

Bending on his knees, Surya dipped his hands into the river, and splashed the water on his face. Blinking his eyes, he got up. He could hear the crickets chirping and owls hooting in the distance. The gibbous moon illuminated the land, and there was no sign of dawn. Surya had been given the nightContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 2”

Garuka: Chapter 1

Hullo! Here is the first chapter of my story: Garuka. Hope you like it. Leave your review and suggestions in the comment section! Surya quickened his pace. He knew he was going to be late… The army had summoned all military aged men in Village Downland to the river bank, for an important discussion. HeContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 1”


I sit on a chair, coffee-mug on the window sill, The wind ruffling my hair. It has travelled over farm over mill. . It brings with it the distant cries, Sometimes I hear laughter, Sometimes cold sighs, Sometimes drops of saline water. . Muffled in the sound, is the cuckoo’s music, Though we are homebound,Continue reading “Imagination”


Hullo dear readers! As most of my readers would have noticed the omega symbol is all over my site/blog. One of my readers, Nilesh Sharma, contacted me, asking about the reason for it. So today, I am going to explain the reasons for choosing it. 1) Omega has been used to signify balance. I believeContinue reading “Omega”

I crossed a milestone!(Maybe)

Hullo blogger friends! Great to see you here. So today, something completely weird happened. I had just posted a poem titled Midnight, and was going through the numerous notifications. I greatly admire the super human bloggers who can give me 30 likes within a minute, yet not a single view(They possess a great gadget namedContinue reading “I crossed a milestone!(Maybe)”

Haiku: Contradictions

Hello! This is one of the first Haikus I have ever written, so please excuse me if it isn’t good. It talks about the contradictions in nature. Hope you like it. Please do share your views in the comments. Should I write more haikus? Please do tell. I look at the sun,Light is why weContinue reading “Haiku: Contradictions”

Serp: Chapter 7

This is the seventh chapter of my Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. Chapter 7 Serp Society: Report 277 I remain the last member of this society. Yesterday both my dear friends passed away. My death too, seems imminent. I write this report with the hope that my nephew, Arjun willContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 7”

Serp: Chapter 6

Here is the sixth chapter of my Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. After a few minutes, he started reading the next sheet. Serp Society: Report 257 Today, six of our members were found dead in their respective homes. It is a matter of great distress, for our numbers are dwindling.Continue reading “Serp: Chapter 6”

Serp: Chapter 5

Here is the fifth chapter from my Serp series. Hope you like it. Arjun was standing in his Uncle’s room At one corner was a small cot, and beside that was an almirah. On the other side of the room was a simple table. On all the walls, images of Gods and Goddesses were displayed.Continue reading “Serp: Chapter 5”

Serp: Chapter 4

Hello there! This is the fourth chapter of the Serp series. Hope you like it! Arjun sat on a bench on the banks of the Godavari. He was crying, sad about the loss of his uncle. He heard the sound of a sheep behind him, and turned to find a huge horde of them, ledContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 4”

Serp: Chapter 3

Here is the third chapter from my new Serp series. Hope you like it! Please leave your reviews in the comments. . Arjun found himself surrounded by darkness. He couldn’t make out anything, and even his own body wasn’t visible. He turned in all directions, but saw nothing. Then, slowly objects started to apparate allContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 3”

Serp: Chapter 2

Here is the second chapter of the Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. Arjun lay in his bed, thinking. It had been fifteen days since his uncle’s death, and his memory still brought back tears to his eyes. His family members had arrived soon after the news of the death reachedContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 2”

Serp: Chapter 1

Hullo there! So here is the firs chapter of my ‘Serp’ series. Hope you like it! Arjun walked down the staircase, and reaching the ground floor, exited the school through the main gate. Students rushed past him, chattering and laughing loudly. The summer break had begun, and Arjun was the only one unhappy with that.Continue reading “Serp: Chapter 1”

Reality: Some thoughts

Today, I was struck by a strange idea. What is reality? When a man is awake, to him everything around him is reality. Whatever happened in his dream the night before, was an illusion. Yet when a man dreams, all that he sees is real, and anything else is not. So what is reality? HowContinue reading “Reality: Some thoughts”


Hello there! In my last post, I had asked for help regarding making of detailed fictional maps. My dear friend, the StoryTeller, from Brother’s Campfire, was kind enough to suggest a software named Inkarnate. I tried it, and was able to build a nice map for the fictional land of Vulpardeo. Thank you Brother! IContinue reading “Vulpardeo”


This is an excerpt from the Destiny series. It is a communication between Chris and Mark about magic. . . “So you can do magic?” Mark asked Chris. “That depends on what you mean by doing magic. I can’t conjure a dove, or make a rabbit jump out a hat. But I can hear theContinue reading “Magic”


Hey guys! Today I would like to talk about a simple idea that occurred to me. Upon reading into it, I realised that it is an area which has been widely discussed by many great men, but the common human still doesn’t realise this. People often complain about circumstances limiting their lives, while in realityContinue reading “Circumstances”

Poem:Life is a trampoline

Another one of my oldest poems. I wrote this when eleven. Hope you like it. Life is a trampoline Be you a beggar or a queen . When you are high Are aware that it isn’t another lie Have checked that you are alive, brace yourself for another dive. …. Life is a trampoline, beContinue reading “Poem:Life is a trampoline”

1 Month Ago…

One month ago, I took a decision. To start blogging. And today, looking back, I feel that it was a great achievement. In this one month, I have found great encouragement from my fellow bloggers. I want to thank you all. I feel that WordPress has helped me improve my writing and induced within meContinue reading “1 Month Ago…”

The Haunted Street

Mr. Orwell sat on the back of the carriage, with his friend Rick. They were late, as their meet at the club had lasted too long.   Rick lived far off, in the city, so Orwell had offered him to stay at his place, to which he had readily agreed. Both of them worked underContinue reading “The Haunted Street”

Short mystery story

Today I realised that despite my blog’s name containing the words “Short Stories”, I have never posted one, only excerpts. So I thought of starting with ones that I have already written. Will start writing new ones soon. I wrote this story a few years ago. It isn’t very good, but still worth a read.Continue reading “Short mystery story”

Map of Kymeropus

Hello! I am working on my story named Destiny for some time now and recently felt that the need for a map was inevitable, so I made one today. Would like for you to review it. This is the fictional map of my world in Destiny. It has many rivers, but I have named justContinue reading “Map of Kymeropus”

Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Rising Star. I would like to thank him for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I was extremely overjoyed on learning about the nomination because being a new blogger, I didn’t expect to be nominated by such a prestigious writer. Rising Star aims at motivating othersContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Destiny: Excerpt 13

Hey There! I have come a long way with this story, and thank you all for the support. . . At quarter to ten, Mark sat on his bed, listening to the music they had selected. He had read that for mutual dreaming to occur, the minds of the participants should be tuned, and musicContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 13”

Destiny: Excerpt 12

This is the 12th part of destiny series. Hope you like it. . . . It was nine pm when they all stood in Mark’s room. “So… Here is the plan. We all listen to the same music for five minutes, before going to bed at ten sharp. Once in our sleep, we try ourContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 12”

Destiny : Excerpt 11

Here is the eleventh part. Hope you like it! . . . “This is strange…” Jason said. They were back in Mark’s room, and were brainstorming about the myriad possibilities.  “And what did she mean when she asked if we would ever meet her again? Where are we going?” Allison asked. “But who was sheContinue reading “Destiny : Excerpt 11”

Destiny: Excerpt 10

Here is the tenth excerpt of the Destiny Series. Hope you like it. . . . “None of this makes sense!” Jason exclaimed. Mark had just finished telling them his part of the story, to which the others had reacted with disbelief. “But is any of this actually possible? Could this be a mere coincidence?”Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 10”

Destiny: Excerpt 9

Here is the ninth part of the destiny series. Hope you like it! . . . Two hours later, he sat on the same tree where he had been sitting the previous day. But this time, he had no book in hand. He was simply staring at the clouds enveloping the sun, filtering its light.Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 9”

Destiny: Excerpt 8

Here is the eighth part of the Destiny Series. Hope you like it. . . . Mark paced back and forth, straining his head. It was only four in the morning, but he was up already, so he had enough time to think without any disturbance from the others. “Who is Canicula? And what onContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 8”

Destiny: Excerpt 7

The seventh part of Destiny series is here. Hope you like it. . . . Mark slowly wound his way into sleep, but this time in a different dream. . . Screams filled the air. They were only overshadowed by the thunder. You could hear people pleading as they were barbarously slaughtered. The laughs ofContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 7”

Destiny: Excerpt 6

Here is the sixth excerpt of the Destiny Series. Hope you all like it. . . . Mark sat in his bedroom, staring at the computer screen. He had spent a lot of time trying to find something more about Vulpardeo. He had decided against asking Ms. Stark, as he knew that she won’t tellContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 6”

Dreams: The mystery

Hey there! I am used to writing stories and poems, but for a difference I will be writing about dreams this time. Sounds boring, right? But in reality, I am going to be talking about things which will blow your mind. lucid dreaming: I remember when once I was scared to sleep because I wasContinue reading “Dreams: The mystery”

Destiny: Excerpt 4

Hey there! I am back with the fourth installment of the Destiny series. Hope you like it. If you haven’t read the earlier posts yet, I recommend you do so. Links below. . . . He continued reading. On Sunday morning, a small town named Hearlston, located in the mountainside was a site of interestContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 4”

Destiny: Excerpt 3

Hey there! This is the third installment of my excerpts from the Destiny series. In case you haven’t read the previous ones, I suggest you do. Links mentioned below. Thanks a lot for coming here! . . . Mark’s forehead started throbbing with pain. Thoughts raced through his head, and he could think of nothingContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 3”

Destiny: Excerpt 2

Hey people! I posted the first excerpt from my Destiny series a few days back, and after some thought decided to continue posting more from it. So, here is the second excerpt, hope you like it! (P.S. I suggest reading the excerpt 1 first if you haven’t done that yet. The link is mentioned below)Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 2”

Destiny: Excerpt 1

Hey Guys! This is the first time I will be posting a story on my blog! This is an excerpt from a book I am working on, so criticism is highly welcomed. In case you like it, please do like. If I get positive reviews, I will continue to post more. Hope you like it!Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 1”

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