Happy Diwali!

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Happy Diwali to all my readers! May there be peace and happiness in your life!

Diwali or Deepawali is perhaps the most important festival of the hindus and the most widely celebrated across India. It is the festival of lights and celebrates the return of Lord Shri Ram- the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu- and Mother Sita from a period of 14 years of exile, after having defeated the demon king Ravan.

It is celebrated on the new moon night of the Hindu month of Kartikeya, by lighting diyas (Lamps), decorating houses and distributing sweets.

It is the festival of lights and represents victory of good over evil.

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The story of Lord Ram’s journeys and life is recorded in the ancient text of Ramayana, written by Rishi Valmiki. There are said to be over 300 versions of the tale, written by various saints, which differ only on finer details.

I hope that on this day we spread the message of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”(The world is one family) and all beings are happy.

I would end by quoting a verse from the Hindu text Mundaka Upanishad:

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः ।

येनाक्रमन्त्यृषयो ह्याप्तकामा यत्र तत् सत्यस्य परमं निधानम् ॥

Transliteration: satyameva jayate nānṛtaṃ
satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ
yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā
yatra tat satyasya paramaṃ nidhānam

Tranlsation(Source:Wikipedia) Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.
Through truth the divine path is spread out
by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled,
reach to where is that supreme treasure of Truth

Indra’s Bow #Tanka

Lord Indra’s arrows
fall onto the thirsty land,
His benevolence
mingling with sun’s splendour;
His bow shining across sky.

Happy Dussehra

May the arrow of
the inner light of knowledge
burn the evil dark.

The Forsaken Truth

The fathomless ocean identifies with its volatile surface;
Only when it truly stills, does it perceive the long forsaken truth.

Places unseen #Haiku

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In the depths of sea,
In the deepest of trenches,
In places unseen…

सूर्य (Translation Below)

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नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ। मैं अभी देवनागरी में type करना सीख रहा हूँ इसलिये कृपया मेरी गलतियों को क्षमा करें।

आशा है आपको कविता पसन्द आये।


आखिर सूर्य जागा है।

आखिर सूर्य जागा है,
घोर अँधियारा हमने लाँघा है।
उषा की लालिमा छाई है,
हमने फिर खुशहाली पाई है।

यूँ तो वे रोज़ उगता है,
परंतु परिवर्तन किसके लिये रुकता है?
निरंतर अरुण देव का रथ चलता है,
इस ही बदलाव में तो जग पलता है।

चौतरफा उजाला छाया है,
किरणों की प्यासी पत्तियों ने अपना जल पाया है।
रात्रि की आनी है निराशा,
परंतु हमें सदैव रहेंगी तुम्हारे आगमन की आशा।

हे प्रजापति आदित्य,
प्रकाश करो, दर्शाओ सत्य।
इस जगत का आप उदार करो,
पापियों का आप नाश करो।


Hello friends. I have written a hindi poem titled “Surya” meaning Sun. Below I will attempt to translate it to English. Hope you like it.


Finally the sun has risen.
Finally the sun has risen,
We have crossed the deep darkness,
The hue of dawn has spread across the sky,
Finally we have received happiness.
Oh he rises everyday,
But who does change stop for?
Continuously the chariot of Lord Arun* runs,
In this cycle of change the world is nourished.
Light has spread in the four directions,
The leaves which were thirsty for your rays have found their water.
The gloom of the night is bound to come,
But we shall forever look forward to your coming,
Oh Prajapati# Aditya^,
Light up our path, lead us to the truth.
show us your benevolence,
Destroy the evil in this world.


*Lord Arun is a Hindu deity who is the charioteer of the Sun.
#Prajapati literally means ruler or progenitor of the people. It is used for referring to the Sun here.
^Aditya literally means one without a second and is another samskrit name of the Sun

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मुझे आशा है कि आपको कविता पसंद आई होगी| अगर ऐसा है तो लाइक, कमेंट और फॉलो जरूर करें!

I hope you liked the poem/translation. If you did, do like, comment and follow for more!

Drink the Moonlight #Haiku

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Drink icy moonlight,
Carried by celestial winds,
On the snowy night.

Search for Truth

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I travelled to places far,
And saw as far as went my sight.
Despite this wait of many hours,
I found no end to this plight.

I heard the speech of many a man,
Which gave peace to all but me,
And say this for sure I can,
I still didn’t find any glee.

I tasted many a herb,
many glories to which were assigned,
But none my thirst could curb.
Oh, still the answer I did not find.

I smelt many a scent,
Of lilies and of rose.
Still didn’t know what it meant,
Still didn’t lose my woes.

I touched many a jewel,
Took dips in lake and spring.
Only further did this my craving fuel,
I had learnt not a thing!

At last I came home,
And turned my senses within.
Then the truth shone,
Then did the journey really begin.

I heard the holy sound,
Yet not from my ears.
Then, the truth I found,
which I had forsaken for years.

Nothing did I find in the vast world,
But I found it inside,
Rose the serpent which was whirled,
Then my desire truly died.


The Fiery Lights

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Fiery lights embedded in the infinity,
Reminiscent of forgotten memories.
Of days long gone, the light of which is yet to reach.
The glow has traversed dimensions,
To bring us back hope.
Years from now, looking into the bottomless pit,
We shall see the light.



Rein in the wild horses, or their own path they shall find,
Conquer your senses, or they shall conquer your mind.


Within #Tanka

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Do we really,
perceive the external or,
is it all within?
Under the skin lies the truth,
Inside the eye of the mind…


Glow of Darkness #Tanka

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Sometimes if you look
Just a step deeper, even
The darkness glows bright
yet blinded by inner dark,
we choose not to seek the truth.


So this is my first Tanka everyone! Tell me what you think!

The Northern Wind


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Oh Northern wind!

What tidings do you bring?

Words from a bard’s mind,

you so beautifully sing.


Far you have come,

but farther you must go.

All the way you shall hum,

ballads of joy and sorrow.


You have passed through the valley,

You have rushed,

through the alley.

Yet on you must gush.


Eternal is your path

and you have much to say.

In your currents I bath,

but you have to go a long way.


On you must pass

Through hill and dale,

I wish to hear about all that was,

But on you must sail…


A Poll for all my Readers

Hullo readers! Hope you are doing well.

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As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t posted much in the previous weeks. I apologise for the long break. However, I will try to be a bit more regular now.

So in the past I have, at various times, started off a story in the form of a series. In all these cases, I ended up leaving the tale midway. I know I left many readers hanging and I am sorry for that. So now I have decided to get back to these stories. But the question arises-which one?

So I need your help. Below I will list all the series I had started in the past, along with a short description of the setting. I request everyone who is reading this to give their suggestion about which one I should start over. I will start off from the beginning, both so that I can improve my writing and so that the new readers will be able to join the journey.

So, the options are:

  1. Serp: Serp is a tale about a boy named Arjun, who lives with his uncle in a village in central India. His parents had died in a road accident when he was too young to understand anything. Now he is stuck in a web of events which make little sense. There is only one thing he knows for sure; His life is in danger. This series blends together mythology, adventure, and thrill.
  2. Garuka: The story of a young man named Surya, and his kingdom ‘Garuka’. Surya had been leading a simple life in a village far off from the eventful capital, until he decides to join the Royal Garukan Army. This series will follow the journey of the warrior, and how he overcomes multiple barriers.
  3. Sapphire: Akshat’s neighbourhood had been a placid and uneventful one. But as he begins investigating a minor mystery, the pieces fall together and a grand plot is revealed. Secret societies, cults, illegal organisations, they had all been functioning as close to him as can be, and he had no clue. This story is a thriller, which will capture Akshat, and his friend Raghav’s attempts to discover the dark truth of all the peculiar events they notice.

You may go over the first few short chapters of these stories that I had posted in the past, to get a better idea of what they are about.

So, let me know which one you’d like me to go forward with! (Note that the poll only appears when you are viewing the actual site on a browser. You could also tell me in the comments instead.)

I look forward to hearing from you!


Evil #Haiku

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Absence of Virtue,
is the source of all Evil.
Candles kill the Dark.

The Observer #Haiku

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He was there always,
watching all your steps; yet You
never asked for help.

Sundown #Haiku

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Now the Sun goes down
and We grieve over that Which
We never cherished.

The Sword Bleeds

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Oh now the sword bleeds!

Drips down the dark blood.

Oh there go all the valiant deeds,

The warrior is lowered into the mud.


It remembers the fiery chambers,

The torturous furnace,

The flying embers,

It was forged in the gloomy days.


It remembers when it the warrior chose to wield,

Gave it in his scabbard a place.

It travelled with him over hill over field,

Oh! How it would glow in the sun’s bright rays.


Fought he many a war,

He had ambitions great,

But forgot what he stood for,

Until it was too late.


Set out to conquer the world,

His lust conquered him,

Everytime his banner unfurled,

Grew larger his dream.


Horns were sounded,

decorated was the king’s abode,

Onto his horse he mounted,

And for the last time rode.


The oppressed army revolted,

From his stallion he fell,

On his inner eye his journey unfolded,

As truth shone, his lust was quelled.


He died with tears in his eyes,

As he saw what he had done,

While the sword gave him the final goodbye,

Nothing had he truly won.


Oh now the sword bleeds!

Drips down the dark blood.

Oh there go all the valiant deeds,

The warrior is lowered into the mud.



So after a long break from writing, here is my attempt to write a story in verse.

Do share your views!

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The Hour of Doom


When the clouds shall rain blood,

and when skulls and bones,

shall grow from the thick mud,

The air filled with shrieks and moans.


When the stars shall fade

The moon shall turn brown,

When the sky shall lose its shade,

The earth, shall in that hour frown.


Water shall dry,

and lakes exist of tears,

When the trees shall cry,

with sweat the Earth shall be smeared.


When the sun,

shall darkness echo,

Then the wind shan’t run,

and rivers shan’t flow.


In the time of doom clouds shall make way

and shine forth shall the light.

Hearken these words which I now say,

In that hour shall end the plight.


The Stars will burn bright,

The sun will glow again,

The world shall roar in all its might,

And nectar from the sky will rain.


As lightning strikes on land,

So shall descend the glory,

He shall consecrate the barren sand,

so goes the story.




Happy Independence day to all my indian readers! I haven’t written anything lately, so thought of reposting this poem for this occasion. Jai Hind! (Note: The english version of this poem can be found below).

Flag of India - Wikipedia
Tricolor Flag of India (Tiranga)

नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये भारत पर एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ । देवनागरी में टाइप करना मेरे लिये थोडा मुश्किल है इस्लिये कृप्या मेरी गलतियों को माफ करना।

आशा है की अपको कविता पसंद आए ।


यह भूमी महाभारत की,

यह धरती नीलगिरी पर्वत की।

यह युगों पुराना देश है,

इसका रख्वाला परमेश है।

जन हृदय मैं बसी है जहां मा भारती,

जिन्के मुकुट को हिमालय की वादियां है संवारती,

जिन्के चरणों को धोती सिन्धु की लहरे,

इस देश में बहती है लाखों नहरे।

यह गन्गा माँ का देश है,

इसका रखवाला परमेश है।

जहां बहती है गोदावरी दरिया,

उस देश को कहते हम सोने की चिड़िया ।

हमें श्रेष्ठ स्वाधीन बनने से रोक ना पाओंगे,

भारत के दुश्मनों तुम मिट्टी में मिल जाओंगे।

ये युगों पुराना देश हैं,

इसका रख्वाला परमेश है!





Photo by Suket Dedhia on Pexels.com

English translation:

Here is a poem I wrote on India. It is originally written in Hindi language and Devanagari script, and I will try my best to translate it.


This is the soil of the tale of Mahabharat*

This is the land of the Nilgiri hills.


This nation is eons old,

Its protector is God himself.


Here the people’s hearts are filled with thoughts about Bharat mata●(Mother India),

Whose crown is the valley of Himalayas.

Whose feet are washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean,

In this nation flow a million streams.


This is the land of Mother Ganga▪︎

Protected by God himself.


it is the nation where the mighty Godavari # flows,

It is the nation called the Bird of Gold.°


We shall become fully sovereign and strong,

Enemies of India shall be turned to dust


This nation is eons old,

Its protector is God himself.



*Mahabharata is an ancient holy text written by Sage Veda Vyas. It is a historical account of the events leading up to great war and how all the characters play out their duties(Dharma). Mahabharat means “The great dynasty of Bharat. Bharat was an ancient king after whom India is named in Sanskrit.

Note: The name “India” comes from the Indus river, and was given by Europeans. Indus is called Sindhu in Sanskrit and The Persians called it as Hindu. Due to this India is also called Hindustan and the term Hindu is used to refer to the people following the Indian religion, but earlier it was a geo-cultural identity.

●Bharat Mata is the allegory of India, and translates to Mother India.

Bharat Mata - Wikipedia
Bharat Mata


■Ganga is a holy river flowing in India

Ganga Ghat

#Godavari is a river in central India

°India was referred to as the golden bird in the ancient era owing to its great wealth. It was an attraction to traders across Arabia, china and Europe.

Hope you liked the poem. Let me know in the comments.

Fear and Courage

Franklin D Roosevelt once said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

We all fear something or the other. In fact, if a person tells you he fears nothing, he is afraid of the truth.

But does that fear make you a coward? Definitely not.

Fear is essential for our very survival. Imagine standing at the edge of a cliff. What is it that keeps you from going any further? It is verily your fear of falling. What is it that keeps the gazelle cautious in the grassland? His fear of the tiger. What is it that stops you from diving into a speedy river? Your fear of drowning.

Fear is, in many cases, important. It ensures our safety.

But what if that fear takes the form of a binding rope? What if it prevents  you from fulfilling your duty? What if it stops from living your life to the fullest?

It is in such a situation, that triumph over fear becomes a necessity. He who realises the fool hardiness of his meaningless fear, and discards it, is the one with courage, and not he who takes unnecessary risk.

Photo by Sven Huls on Pexels.com

It is he who leaves behind all bondages and lives to his fullest, who is called courageous, and not him who destroys it with his boisterous behaviour.

It is when you have the true realisation that your purpose, your aim, is worth more than the terror, that you become possessed with courage.

And if you have that confidence, then nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams…



If you liked this random thought then do like, comment, subscribe and share with your friends!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Twist in Destiny


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They say man is by destiny bound.

That he is a mere puppet,

Guided by the holy sound,

Deciding his rise and set.


That is the the greatest lie there is.


Circumstances don’t make you,

you make them,

your conditions don’t make you feel blue,

Unless you let them.


There shall be a twist in destiny,

There shall be light,

And you shall for yourself see,

When it shall burn bright.


Change how you deal with the situation,

Not your goal

Your life is your creation

You own this hallowed hall.


You are not controlled,

you are the controller,

You are not ruled,

You are the ruler.


You decide your thought,

Your thought is what you are.

Your life is hence wrought

by your own great power.


We are the writers of our fate,

We are the makers of our choice,

God gave us free will great,

He doesn’t play dice.


Even the sun,

Will bow,

before such a human

who, his boat through the stream of life will row.



Kerosene #Haiku

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

If you can’t give the

lantern kerosene, don’t ask

It to give you light.

Flickering Candle #Haiku

Note: I am sorry I haven’t posted any proper poem since long. I have been unable to come up with an idea I can expand into a longer post. Also, my Sapphire series has been on a hold since quite some time. But I will surely get back to it soon. Thank you for understanding! Now, the Haiku:

Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

Flickering candle
burning in the fearful dark,
holding on to hope.

Bright Golden #Haiku

Photo Credit: Pexels

It’s a Fresh morning

Sunlight spilling onto trees,

Shining bright golden

A Reader’s Heaven #Haiku

The Smell of old book,

Mingling with the petrichor,

A Reader’s heaven

Silence #Haiku

All shall be revealed,

if you shall listen to the

whispers of silence…

Poem: A Winter Evening

This was the first poem I published on this blog. I wrote it over 4 years back, when I was just 10, and haven’t written anything new recently, so thought of reposting it. Looking back, I wouldn’t call it a good poem, but since this was where it all started, there seems no harm in sharing it. Do tell me how you find it!

Photo by Lucas Ettore Chiereguini on Pexels.com

The sun sat at the horizon,

and I plunged into a vision


A lark leisurely hummed,

a music no musician could strum.


I sat by the hearth,

and warmth spread through my heart.


Around the sun began to develop

an envelope.

Any second now it would dip,

and light from the world strip.


I looked at the pond,

a thing of which I was fond

My reflection seemed to be a mirage,

for there was something wrong with my visage.


Before I could think,

my eyes chose to blink.

I heard a dog’s bark,

and the next moment it was dark.




So it has been almost 8 months since I started blogging. It has been fantastic so far. Thank you to all my readers! Look forward to reading your wonderful comments!

Fall of the Eternal Darkness

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

I look at the sky

The eternal darkness.

Seems as if joy

has been struck by illness


The days are dark

The nights darker

Evil is stark

Good is weaker


There is no moon

Far off is noon

Never ending pain

Oh! Humanity has been stained


No silver lining on the cloud

There is no place for ruth

Violence reigns loud

Men are turned uncouth


But come will the Rise

End will the Night

Rule shall the wise

And cease shall the plight!


The darkest hour

is just before Dawn

Fall shall the power

Come will the morn


Stand strong,

little men.

The bell shall be rung,

It is time for the rain.


The drops,

will wash away your tears

The tall crops,

will again grow over the years.

Here is the morning star

Soon the bright Sun

Will above us tower

And rampant peace will run!


Free Fall

Decorative image

We are in free fall,

Plumetting down the chasm,

Surrounded by the fiery wall.


There is no hope,

No crevice to hold on to,

Nor any rope.


Death seems certain,

All that our future holds,

Is pain.


All action seems futile,

For we are in free fall,

Yet I wear a smile.


They say there is nothing to gain,

I say there is nothing to lose,

My sorrow begins to wane.


I have no fear,

Why should I?

When there is left nothing too dear.


Belief is all I have ,

I can’t lose that too,

It keeps me going in the gloomiest cave.


We are in free fall,

Will we lose,

Or will we win it all?



Trapped Sunshine #Haiku

Clouds trap sunshine,

Burning dazzling fiery red,

Sunlight now escapes.

There’s a Spark in YOU

They say that there is a spark inside each of us, and all it needs is to be ignited.


Once it is given the fuel, it becomes unquenchable.

It consumes all that is fed to it, and comes out stronger.

However, a flame which is still growing is easy to put out. A few drops of water can overwhelm it. The slightest breeze can defeat it.

What is the fuel of the fire in us? What is the evil which can extinguish it? I shall in this article try to put forth my views on the matter. I am no expert. All the views presented are my own, you are free to disagree.

A) The Three Fuels:

1) Belief: Belief, in my opinion is one of the strongest forces of the universe. A strong belief can make a person do the impossible.

Claude Bristol in his best selling book “The Magic of Believing” says:

“Leaders everywhere are looking for people who have the kinds of beliefs they will fight for, because the people charged with the vibrations of strong beliefs sometimes do the miraculous, things others often say are unbelievable. That kind of belief has the magic touch.”

Philosphers all over the world have agreed that the power of belief is unfathomable. Take any famous character from history, whether good or bad. You will find that he was possessed of a belief so strong, that he was willing to do anything for it.

A famous biblical phrase: “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” sums it up pretty well.

When a bird jumps off a ledge, it has no fear. Because it believes in its ability to fly. That belief did not exist since the start, it was gained over the years. Similarly, we humans can create a belief, and witness the magic.

So how to create a belief?

The simplest way is to use continuous affirmations.

A famous example is of the banners and posters used by political parties during elections. Wherever people go, they see the same slogans being repeated, and it ultimately gets ingrained in their subconsciousness. They start to ‘believe’ whatever the posters told them.

Propoganda used by various world powers during the world wars is quite similar. People saw everywhere whatever the nation wanted them to see. It settled in their brain, and they did what they were told.

So choose something you want to believe, and write it down on a paper. Put it somewhere you will see it every day. Recite it everynight before sleeping, and you shall see it manifest.

You can create your personal mantra. Choose something like “I am strong” or “I am unstoppable”.

Whenever you feel weak, recite it over and over, and your belief will do wonders.

Try it. It works!

2) Will:

You must be willing to make it happen, in order for it to happen. You can’t succeed if you’re working due to pressure from others. The will must come from within.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says:

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Where do you bring the will from? You must have a solid reason for what you’re doing. Everytime you think of giving up, think of all the loss it will bring.

Will power is all about delaying pleasure. Instead of having the comfort of sleeping till late, think of the ultimate benefits if you wake up early.

Will Power is a muscle, exert it and it will grow stronger. It might feel tired after some time, but will strengthen with time.

Unless you have that will, that desire, the fire can’t burn.

3) Perseverance:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but each day counts. I see people who will put in extreme effort, and expect immediate results. That’s not how it works. You have to sweat day and night to achieve success.

You need to be consistent. Remember the tale of the hare and turtle?

Students increase study time a few days before exams, and say they have worked hard. When you did nothing for 50 weeks, can just 2 save you?

B)What is Water for our inner flame?

If there is fuel for the flicker within, there must be the opposite. Below are the three forces which I believe can destroy any human.

  1. Extreme attachment.

Extreme attachment or Lust is one of the greatest factors which binds us. It blinds and forces us to accept immediate pleasure as the true goal.

As Shri Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita:

“Lust, anger and greed are the three ways to hell”.

You might be on the path to better health. Lust will force you to abandon the path and continue with the habits you were trying to leave.

So how to combat Lust?

The answer to it, is Will.

Strengthen your will, and victory shall be yours.

2. Self Victimisation:

This attitude is growing among the masses. The attitude which asks “Why me?!”

The answer to the “Why Me” is hidden in the question itself.

I talked above about the power of repetition of phrases. When you keep saying “I have it the worst!” Or “No one understands me!”, you are creating a belief. That belief will surely manifest.

And the harsh fact is, no one has it easy. But there are the complainers and there are the performers. Which one are you?

I observe people acting negative because it gets them Sympathy.

As Dale Carnegie explains in “How to Make friends and Influence people”, every person is driven by the desire to be important.

Where do you get your importance from? Some get it from being praised, and others from Sympathy.

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

3. Blaming Circumstances:

Stop blaming your circumstances. Stop saying something happened because of how things were.

Circumstances don’t change your actions, they affect how they are carried out.

We are adaptive beings. It gets hot, we turn on the fan. It gets cold, we put on some warm clothes. Then why don’t we do the same in every field?

Why do we say: “I got bad marks because the syllabus was too vast”?

If it was, it should only make sense that we should prepare accordingly!

When you say “That person betrayed me, its not my fault!” You must realise that he wouldn’t have done so if you hadn’t trusted the person in the first place!

You are always responsible for your actions. Accept it. Be responsible. Situations hinder results if we act rigid. Change is the law of the universe. You need to change to suit the everchanging world.



Yours Truly,



Note: This was the first article of this type that I wrote. How did you find it? Should I write more? Let me know in the comments.

Who are You?

Aditya sat down on the bench at the bus-stop with a sigh of relief. It was his daily routine to take a bus to the office. He was early today, which meant he had some time to think peacefully.

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Pexels.com

He had been under a lot of stress lately. His boss was making unreasonable demands and his family wanted him to return home early. The lines of worry on his forehead had become a permanent feature.

As he closed his eyes, and reclined against the backrest, he heard a deep voice.

“Who are you?”

Frustrated at having been pulled out of his much needed state of rest, he opened his angry eyes.

He found in front of himself a feeble old man, dressed as a monk. Out of respect for the priest, he shifted to a side and gave him a place to sit.

The hermit, occupying the place, asked again, “Who are you?”

Aditya wanted to tell him that it was none of his business, but nonetheless replied gently, “I am Aditya. Who are you?”

The monk shook his head.

“I didn’t ask your name. I asked who you are.”

Confused, the young man thought for a moment and answered: “I am an engineer by profession.”

The stranger spoke immediately. “I didn’t ask you what you do. I asked who you are.”

Frustrated, Aditya replied irritably. “I am a human!”

He wished to add “Would you get lost?”, but refrained out of fear of angering a holy man.

The monk smiled, and asked. “How then are you any different from the billions of other humans?”

Aditya looked around. The bus would arrive in another fifteen minutes. He was no longer in a mood to wait idle, so he decided to carry on the discussion.

“For one, I look different from any other human. Also, I am extremely competitive, more-so than anyone. That sets me apart.”

The holy-man laughed. “As a kid you looked extremely different. Likewise on your deathbed. Your body changes, but you change not. As a child you knew no competition, you gained it with time. As you mature into old age, you might lose it again. But you shall still be you. I ask again, who are you?”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Aditya went into deep contemplation. This man certainly had a point!

“I am the ego. The feeling of ‘I’.” He answered after much thought.

“Everyone has this feeling of ‘I ness’. Yet you say you are unique. I ask again, how are you any different? Who are you?”

Aditya had no answer.

After an eerily long silence, the man spoke again. “Why are you here?”

“I am waiting for a bus.”

The monk shook his head. “I meant: ‘why are you here in this world?’.”

“Well… Because I was born?” He answered, confused.

“You tell me how this body came to be. I ask why you are here? What is the purpose of your living? The body changed, but you remained. What makes you think its creation or dissolution can affect you? You say you were born. Everything which is born comes from something. Your body came from matter, but where did you come from?”

Aditya nodded. The sage was making him think about notions he had never before considered.

“You were never born, and never will you die. So I ask you, why are you here? Why do you exist in this mortal body? What is the purpose of this illusionary temporary existence?”

Photo by KOUSTABH BISWAS on Pexels.com

“I don’t know.” Aditya replied, humbled. It was the first time he had spoken these words in years.

The ascetic smiled, and got up from his seat. He turned, and started to walk away.

Aditya called after him. “Sir! But you didn’t tell me, who are you?”

The hermit turned and spoke softly. “The day you find the answer to my questions, you shall know.” With that he merged into the crowd.

The bus screeched to a halt in front of the awe-struck young man. He got up, and walked in. He made this journey everyday, but today he was starting a new journey.


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Look Within


He was so busy looking at the mirror, he forgot to look at himself. He was so busy seeing his reflection, he forgot to reflect. He was so focussed on what’s outside, he forgot there was something within.

Flowing Sunlight #Haiku

Drifting hue

Winds dragging Sunlight
Swimming with the dusty clouds,
Exploring the skies…

Thinking about Thoughts

How do you define thoughts? I have been wondering about this question for some time.

I decided to do a quick search on the net. The dictionary defines ‘thinking’ as:

The process of considering or reasoning about something

So I did what was obvious. I asked it what reasoning was. The answer:

“The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

Turns out it is a closed loop. Here’s what I realised: Some things can’t be defined. They are a primordial concept, which are understood without the need of explanation.

But how well do we understand thoughts? Some call them a mental process. Yet some say thoughts are like solid bricks. They just exist. It’s only when you arrange them in a sequential order, that they start flowing and form a process. Like arranging images in a row and playing them to create a video.

It’s like objects continuously being thrown on a sheet and leaving behind imprints. Those imprints are what we call memories. They get deeper every time we observe them, as if the object had been thrown on it again. If you were to discard them, they would eventually fade away.

I ultimately came to the conclusion that with our current understanding it is a far-fetched notion to define something so complex.

So while ‘thinking about thoughts‘, It became clear enough that every idea and notion, has an origin. That origin in most cases, is a thought in itself. If it is so, before we think of anything, we must have had a parent-thought which makes us capable of processing the new one. Or alternatively, we can pick up a thought from a book, movie, or a conversation. In this situation, the parent-thought might originally be possessed by another human.

If we keep on going in this chain, the question arises: “What was the first thought?”

What was the primeval idea which has today made us arrive at a point where we are able to reason with complex possibilities? The notion which was born from nothing. There must indeed be a thought some ancient being had at some point, which was the greatest milestone in the evolution of the mind.

The answer to this question has the potential to change our understanding of ourselves.



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Sapphire: Chapter 3

Hello! Sorry for not having posted for a while. Here is the third chapter of the Sapphire series. In case you haven’t already, you can read chapter 2 here:

Akshat shook his head in disbelief.
“How could Mr. Gupta possibly conceal such a big secret from the entire neighbourhood? It’s just impossible! News about such matters spreads like wildfire.”

They were both at Raghav’s house, pondering over the issue. They sat on the opposite sides of a dusty wooden table on which lay the Ouija board. It had an aura of fear surrounding it, and neither had touched it since they had brought it there.

“You are asking the wrong questions.” Said Raghav. As a Police Constable, he had ample experience in dealing with such cases. “The real question is: Who owns ‘66b’?”
Akshat nodded. “Perhaps you could find that out from some government record? I believe it would be fairly easy for you?”

Raghav closed his eyes, his right hand pulling at the overgrown tuft of hair on his head.
After a while, he spoke.
“In an ideal situation, I could. But this is really interesting…” He said, moving his thumb around in circles on his forehead.
“As soon as the boy told us that Gupta was visiting the mansion every day, I felt that something fishy was going on. I sent a text to a person who works in the department, asking her about the details. She replied back a few minutes ago…”

Raghav went quiet once again, as if in deep contemplation.
“And?…” Akshat asked, unable to wait any longer.

“She says she has checked all the databases for this area. There is no 66b.”

To be continued…

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Haiku: Missing Pages

Book with pages two
Remembered are rise and fall
But why not the peak?

Sapphire: Chapter 2

If you haven’t read it already, you can find Chapter 1 here.

Now, the story:

Akshat and Raghav arrived at Mr. Gupta’s house, and knocked at the front door.

No one answered.

They knocked again, but to no avail.

Just as they were about to leave, the gate of the house next door opened, and a small boy, of around eight, came out.

He looked at them and with a tilted head, asked, “Are you looking for Mr. Gupta? He went that way just a minute ago. I saw him.” The boy pointed to the right. “He goes to house 66b everyday this time. I have noticed it. If you would walk a little fast, you would find him on his way.”

With that, the boy waved his hand and ran off, probably going to play with his friends.

It seemed rather strange. Who would a secretive man like Mr. Gupta be meeting regularly?

They followed the child’s advice and headed down the street, hoping to find out what was going on. As much as they didn’t like to jump to conclusions, both Raghav and Akshat couldn’t help but think that Mr. Gupta was a fraudster.


As they turned right onto the next street, Akshat spotted Mr. Gupta in the distance. He was standing in front of a house. Before they could call him out, he threw something into the dustbin outside the mansion, and quickly walked in.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Akshat and Raghav ran over to the location. The door had been locked. They would have to wait till some other time to meet him.

At the center of the gate, the house number was boldly written:


There was an eerie feeling to it. Just as Akshat turned to leave, the trained eyes of Constable Raghav noticed something.

He motioned to Akshat to stop.

Raghav quickly fished out a rectangular wooden board from the dustbin.

“Isn’t this what our money seeking neighbour tossed in just now?” He asked with a slight grin.

Akshat nodded, confused.

“See this.” Raghav said, and showed the board to him.

On the corners of the board was written the english alphabet, and the ten numerals. At the centre were written clearly the words “YES/NO”.

They both had heard of it and seen it in movies, but it was the first time they were seeing it in real life.



To be continued…


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Chapter 3 out now! Read it here.

The End

Photo by Alex Conchillos on Pexels.com

The Cloud bleeds

Into infinite darkness.


Darkness without a blot.

The blood trickles down the unseen ether.


It falls on the thirsty land,

Seeping into the depth.


Into the fiery chasm.

Into the dying light.


Yet there stands no witness,

To the bleeding sky.


In that eternal darknes.


The cloud roars in pain,

Into the infinite silence.


The thunder rumbles,

Across the land.


Falling onto the deaf ears

Of the last who live.


It reminds the Earth,

Of the majestic kings long gone.


Yet there stands no listener,

In that echoing silence.


Then the bleeding ends,

Then the thunder fades.


This is it.

The End


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Sapphire: Chapter 1

Akshat had always felt that Mr. Gupta was a rather strange person.

They had been neighbours for years, but Akshat still didn’t know his first name. Not that he hadn’t tried to find out. He would often come across him on the street, but before he could say anything, Mr. Gupta would hurry off.

He was known by the people of the area to be an introverted man. He would open his mouth only when extremely necessary, and preferred to be away from people.

It was said that it had all started after his wife’s sudden demise, 7 years ago.

Akshat was new to the area, but his neighbours told that she was in good health and her death was something no one saw coming.

Mr. Gupta had remained silent over the cause, but there were quite some rumours. Rumours Akshat found laughable…


Last month Mr. Gupta had arrived at Akshat’s house and requested a sum of 5000 rupees. He had said that he needed it for some urgent minor operation at the hospital. He had refused to share further details, but promised to repay the money within a week.

The due date was long gone, and though Akshat didn’t mind spending the sum if it helped a lonely old man in need, he was starting to wonder if Mr. Gupta was well now. So Akshat decided to set out on a visit to his house.

He put on his boots and opening his front door, walked out into the street.

Just as he did, he found his friend, Raghav, outside. Raghav worked as a constable in the police force, and lived in the next street.

Having greeted each other, Raghav asked him where he was off to.

“I was just paying a visit to Mr. Gupta. He came to my house last month asking for some money due to medical needs. I thought I would check if he was well now.” Akshat answered.

Raghav looked at him with disbelief. “Yesterday he visited my house, and asked me for financial help too. He said he had a knee operation and needed 10000 rupees. I clearly remember him saying that it was the first time he was asking anyone for monetary help.”

Akshat was shocked. He had many questions. Only one man could answer them…

To be continued…

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Second Part out now!! Read it here.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The trees look up with mirth,

Thanking the almighty lord,

the one who gave them all birth.

Gently the cool wind blows

Rhythmically the rain-drops fall

Through the air the hailstone flows.

The beautiful smell

The petrichor

Praises the world where we dwell.

The cuckoo’s sound

The calming music

Heals every deep wound

God is afar

As far as can be

on some celestial star

Yet he is here

I see him

His words I hear…


Birds don’t fear…

Soar High
Soar High

Birds don’t fear heights, because they trust their abilities.

Running in Circles

We all have been running in circles.

We have been running in circles ever since humankind evolved.


We wish to get out of it, yet we are afraid of trying. Our lives have fallen into a predictable pattern. Wake up, eat, get ready, leave for work, come back at night, and sleep.

We hate our jobs, we hate our lives. But we are afraid to stop for a second.

But that is exactly what we need. To just stop for a second. When we wish for our lives to change, we run harder. But without realizing, we are fooling ourselves. What we need is to ask ourselves, where are we headed? Running without aim is as good as throwing together ingredients and hoping that a great dish is formed. When we fail, we put in the same ingredients, and hope it works. But can it? The only way to make the dish is to have a recipe. The only way to get a recipe is to make a recipe that works for you. The only way to make a recipe is to stop and think.

The world is going around in loops.

We need to break the loop. Instead of pushing around the box, think out-of-the-box. Be innovative.

We are acting like a toad at the bottom of a well. We are so accustomed to the loop, that it has become our world. We are afraid of going out.

But we must take the risk. For the riskers of yesterday are the leaders of today. He who takes no risk, takes the biggest risk. The risk of losing his uniqueness.

What do you have to fear? A man running in circles can not claim to have anything to lose.

People say they want a peaceful life. Peace? What is peace? When you have nothing to worry about? When there is no uncertainty? When you know how tomorrow will play out? Then you shall one day realise that the peace you craved for has become your greatest nightmare.

You ask me what is peace then? Peace, is when I go to sleep every night, knowing that tomorrow will be a new day. A bright day. A new opportunity. A stage. When I know that I will act of my own accord, my own wish, on that stage. I will not be a puppet of the society. I will do what my heart tells me to. That knowledge, is peace.

The loop has been the same since eons. We are speeding up inside the loop, thinking we have become better. But have we? We are still the same toad inside the well.

It is up to you. Who do you want to be? A human, or The Human?

We are evolving. The loop is now too small to contain us. Soon it will break. But someone has to take the initiative. Who will take the step? Who will have the courage?

Will it be YOU?

About Page Edited

Hello Everyone! I have recently edited my About Page to better suit my site.

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Look forward to your precious advice!

Dive Deep

Go deeper. Its not about how much you know, but how well you know it.

I would rather dive to the depth of a little pond, than swim the entire shallow length of the ocean.

Call of The Himalayas

Photo by Balaji Srinivasan on Pexels.com

I can hear, The Himalayas calling,

I can feel, The flakes falling.


The mountains stand high,

The mountains stand strong,

The tibetan bells are nigh,

Oh, it won’t be long!


I am on my way,

This time, I just won’t stay.

You can hear my echoes in the valley,

You can see me running in the alley,


Finally, the slope is here,

Finally, I have no fear…




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It’s a story!!!

“And the man plummeted down the cliff, and fell for five straight minutes…”

“Impossible! He would fall 450 kilometres in that time in vaccum. With air, it would still be well over a hundred. Unless the cliff was on the ISS, he couldn’t fall that long!”

ISS: Potential location of the “cliff”

“It’s a story Ishaan!!!” The class roared, and sighing, he fell silent.

The whole room stared at him, and the tale continued.

“And when he opened his eyes, he found his shirt had stuck to a tree’s branch, and he was safe.”

Before he could point out that no branch can stop a fall from the ISS, the teacher’s look made it amply clear he was supposed to keep quiet.

The little Ishaan kept silent.


“…though the brothers were three grades apart……….

….The elder brother was in 5th and the younger in 3rd…”


“IT’S A STORY!!!!!” The class roared again.

So little Ishaan sat down and went quiet.


So what was the point of this “tale”?

The notion that we mustn’t apply logic to fiction, to me, seems baseless. Fiction is all about creating imaginary worlds and stories, but the story must be relatable. The person must be able to see himself in the story. And every world has rules. Yes, I realise its not a scientific textbook. They don’t have to make it precise. But it must be believable.

You don’t bend your rules to fit the plot, you bend the plot to fit the rules.

“Unless it’s fantasy” some would say.

Absence of Rules: works better in art than fiction.

I disagree. Fantasy is all about twisting rules, not the absence of them. A fantasy world may have its own set of laws, but those laws MUST be followed.

Imagine a world where every person gets a single super power at a particular age. Our superhero magically gets 42 of them.

Sounds believable? I don’t think so.

Literature is intense brainstorming, not writing words without paying attention to details. Take Tolkien, for example. He can very well be called the father of modern english fantasy, but not once while reading his work will you feel that something is out of place.

The point of this article is to put forward my view that literature is not devoid of logic. Infact, it functions on it.

Please share what you think about this topic. Do you agree or differ with my views? I look forward to reading your comments.

Yours truly,


The prophecy of Canicula

Hello friends! This post is about a prophecy by Lord Canicula from my story titled Vulpardeo. Hope you like it.

Banner of Vulpardeo

Seek for the great sign,

It is time for the sun to shine!

Seek for the dog-star,

Come has the rise of power!

Seek for the hidden Mark,

Come is the fall of the dark!

Seek for the child of the golden maiden,

Come is the age of men!

Seek for the child of the Elder King,

Every Vulpardeon his praise will sing!

Seek for the lords from Hearlston,

Now rise will the sun!

Hear the lion’s roar,

High shall Vulpardeo soar!

Seek for the hidden Mark,

Come is the fall of the Dark!

Map of Vulpardeo

Please share your views in the comment section below.

Yours truly,


Lament for Erus the Wise

This is a lament for a character from my story of Vulpardeo. Hope you like it.

He was born,

In the elder days,

In time’s morn,

So the poets say


Born to a weaver

by the shore

Saved by a beaver

So says the lore.


Taken by the saints

At an early age,

Suffered he a million torments,

so tells the sage.


Killed he alone a lion,

Retrieved the Royal Ring.

He then bore the noble sign,

So we hear from the aged king.


Made he was a minister

Laden with a thousand awards.

Fought he great evil sinister

So sing the melodious bards.


Fought he the evil Malum

Suffered he many a wound.

Delayed he the hour of doom,

So recalls the holy sound.


Made he was Rostak’s lord!

He was kind and he was bold.

Learned in scripture and sword.

So we listen from the Minstrels of old.


Then came great evil,

Rose to power the deceptor,

Fell people into the net of the devil,

So remembers now the lamenter.


Erus the great stood against him,

But men fell into his trap.

They danced to his evil rhythm.

So recalls the old tree’s sap.


To cheat he had chances ample,

But never did so Erus the wise.

Shot he was inside the great temple,

But legend says from ashes he will again rise.


A wanderer was he…

A wanderer was he

His pace was swift.

The world he longed to see,

His foot fell on hill and rift.


A wanderer was he,

Every horse he rode.

He saw every desert and sea

Every boat he rowed.


A wanderer was he

His feet, the earth like sunlight swept.

He decided to gladly be,

But then one day, his fate wept.


A wanderer was he,

Till darkness took him.

Fell he in all his glory.

Oh! He became the eternal curse’s victim.


A wanderer was he,

Forever shall he live in song.

A hero was he.

Remember him, until wrung is world’s final gong.


A wanderer was he,

He fought all that was wrong.

A saint was he,

Oh, his story will be remembered for long.


A wanderer was he…

A messiah was he…

Heaven Hunter

Photo by Chethan Gowda on Pexels.com

Leaves Across the scene swept,

tonight, even the clouds wept.

No-one knew how long this would last,

Life out of his eyes vanished fast.


Time is running out,

all he can do is shout!

then it all ceased…


His life across his eyes flashed,

as his body the wind slashed.

The moment stretched into his life,

He remembered walking away from his wife.


Said he was looking for heaven,

Left behind his own little haven.

The trees swayed in joy,

He realised he was still a little boy.


Peace from the ambiance he sipped,

That is when his eyes dipped.

Never realised heaven was where he lived

This life he was going to miss,

For all he felt in that moment was bliss…



Mind Barrier

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

There exists within our mind a barrier which enables us to distinguish perceived reality from imagination while allowing intermingling of the two. It is our most prized possession.

Philosphy of Rope and Snake

How are you all?

Yesterday, i posted a Haiku on my blog, titled Illusion.

For those who didn’t read it, here is the content:

A rope in the dark,

Is often scarier than

A visible snake


So a few minutes had passed since it had been posted, when one of my subscribers contacted me to ask what it meant.

I decided that it would be a great idea to explain it in a post.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The haiku dwells on the peculiar nature of the human mind. Let’s see it through an example:

“One day, a boy named Raju was standing on a cliff, watching the sunset. Soon it began getting dark, and he decided to return home. As soon as he started walking, he felt something on his feet. He looked down and saw a snake. He panicked and started running. He ran over a mile until he reached his home. He was sweating profusely, and fainted. Next morning, he explained everything to his parents. They were concerned and asked him to take them to the site where he saw the snake. When they reached, they found a rope lying there.

Raju was shocked.”


Photo by Alösha Lamkinson on Pexels.com

As we see in the example, it was not the rope, but Raju’s ignorance which caused him to panic and ultimately faint.

Similarly, most of the times our emotions and beliefs stem from this same ignorance.

The concept of the snake and the rope is from the vedanta philosphy of hinduism. It believes that God(Brahmān: The ultimate reality and beyond characteristics) is all that exists. The world as we see it, with its various qualities and characteristics, is just an illusion(Māyā). It is from this Māyā that all pain and suffering stems.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In all aspects of life, this is a common phenomena. We observe something, without having the proper knowledge to know how it is meant to be observed.

Imagine you were supposed to meet a friend, and he texts you and says he can’t come. You might in your ignorance create various emotions and thoughts about him, only to later realise he had an emergency at his home.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Was the fact that he couldn’t come the reason for your anger? No. The actual reason was how you viewed the fact.

This, was what my haiku discussed.

Thank you to the reader who asked me this question and all of you who took the time to read it.

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Illusion #Haiku

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A rope in the dark
Is often scarier than
A visible snake.

I walk

This is a completely new style of poetry I tried. Please leave your reviews in the comments. Hope you like it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I walk

I walk

I walk all alone


My mail,

My mail,

in the sun brightly shone.


I ride,

I ride,

faster than the air,


The wind

The wind,

ruffles my hair.


I am

I am

I am on my way.


I run,

I run,

be it night or day.


I come

I come

Over hill and dale.




every lake and sea I sail.


I fight

I fight

Till my last breath.


I war,

I war,

till I meet death


This life,

This life,

is a great battle


It is

It is

a song of blood and metal.


I fall,

I fall,

into deep abyss


I rise

I rise

I refuse eternal bliss.


I own

I own

My life


I will

I will

get through this strife.


I won’t

I won’t

To pain submit


I will climb

Will climb

every summit.


So sing

So sing

Life’s song.


Don’t rest,

Don’t rest,

the journey is still long.


I pass

I pass

Over rock over stone.


I walk

I walk

I walk all alone.


A new start #Haiku

Chirping of Sparrows,

Enchanting glimmer of sunshine,

A fresh new start.

Fading Memories

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Some thoughts:


When you think that the past was better, remember that one day, today will be that past.

So live each moment to the fullest. One day, it will be just an unreachable and fading memory.


Garuka: Chapter 11

Surya led Rudrayan into the tent.

On the floor, three men lay, gagged and blindfolded. Rudrayan smiled. He looked at him and said, “Lord Asuka will be pleased to learn of this. You have shown exceptional bravery. The whole Garuka is grateful for this. For now, we shall drag these men back to the fort. We can carry out the interrogation there.”

fort swift

Surya immediately spoke up. “I apologise my lord, but I think it would be foolish to return. The enemy army will require atleast three more hours to arrive here. If we can prepare in the meantime, we could uproot them from the land.”

Rudrayan replied. “We are merely fifty men. Their numbers exceed us. It will be an impossible task. We shall return with greater force in the following days.”

Surya shook his head. “They will be gone by then. We will never get such a chance again. They will be tired from journeying and not be expecting any trouble.”

Rudrayan nodded and walked out. Surya followed. The soldiers outside lined up.

Rudrayan spoke “Our mission was to locate the base of the enemy and rescue Surya. We have successfully completed it.”

Everyone nodded with understanding.

“However, Surya wishes for us to stay here and uproot Kaal. I leave the choice to you now. Do you wish to return, content with having succeeded, or do you wish to risk your lives and stay?”


The company didn’t take any time to reply. “STAY!” They all spoke in one voice.

Rudrayan smiled and declared “So it is decided. We shall avenge our brothers. I hand over the command to Surya.”



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Unmoving Strength #Haiku

Photo by Sagui Andrea on Pexels.com

The mighty tall rock,

Standing under blazing sun.

Unmoving strength.


A poet’ Pen #Haiku

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Ink gently flowing,
Onto the blotchless white sheet.
poet’s fantasy

Moonlight #Haiku

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The dazzling moonlight,
Drenching the sprawling wide moors,
Turning grass silver


Fear: #Haiku

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We’re the most afraid,
Of not what’s in front of us,
But of what might be.


Garuka: Chapter 10

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So it has been quite some time since I posted the 9th chapter of the Garuka series.

I am sorry if I left any reader hanging.

As strange as it may sound, I had forgotten about it 😅. Hopefully I will be more regular now.

So let’s start!

The Garukan army charged into the base of Kaal, led by the valiant Rudrayan.

But they were completely surprised by what they found…

The camp was burning.

Almost all the tents were ablaze. A few had been reduced to ashes.

However, the one in the centre, the largest of them, stood erect. It was from inside it that the shrill screams were coming.

The army swiftly surrounded it.

Rudrayan spoke loudly, ” Under the authority of Lord Asuka, I order you to come out and surrender! You stand in the land of Garuka!”

There was a mirthful laugh from inside. “As you say, my lord.” Came the reply.

The faces of the soldiers lit up with joy. The voice was familiar.

Then from inside emerged the brave lieutnant Surya.

The army cried in unison “Long live Garuka!”




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Who’s your favourite poet?

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Let’s discuss: Who’s your favourite poet?

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Speech by Canicula

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I posted this long back, but it hardly got any views. So thought I would repost it.

It is a speech by Lord Canicula from my story ‘Vulpardeo’. Please share your views

“This War is not between Vulpardeo and Xenophia.

It will not be fought on a battlefield.

It is not between two armies.

This war is within you. A war between the forces of good and evil… No one is a spectator, just a warrior.

This is the conquest of virtue over vice.

Of hope over despair.

This battle will shape the future of the seven worlds.

And as I speak, my friends

The War has Begun…”




Poem: Parting with friends

This is one of the first poems I publsihed on this blog.

I am reposting it since I can’t think of anything new.



The happiness we felt together,

will forever in our heart grin


The tears we wept together,

will forever our heart drain


The wounds we suffered together,

will forever our heart pain.


The difficulties we faced together,

will forever our heart strain.


The time we spent together,

will forever in our heart remain.




I wrote it many years ago. What do you think?


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I used to think others were toads in wells.

Today I looked into one,

And saw myself…




I don’t know myself what I am trying to say.

Just an observation.

What do you think?


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Yes, he was always crying.

They just never knew it.

Because he was Underwater.



hello! This is my first poem in hindi. I have also written the translation in english for my readers from overseas. Please tell how you find it. It is a little difficult to type hindi so please excuse me for spelling errors. Hope you like it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


खुदा आज है कहां

आज उदास पूरा जहां।


खो बैठा है होश

खो बैठा है जोश।


पर इंसानियत अभी बाकी है,

कहीं दिल अभी पाक ही है।


कलाम और बोस की गाथा बरकरार है,

इस सफ़ेद दिवार में एक ही दरार है।


इस दरार का नाम है नफरत

तू इसमे गिरना मत!


इस दरार को तू भर दे,

ये नेक काम तू कर ले।


ईशवर आज तेरी तालाश है,

कुर्सियों पर बैठी आज लाश है!


एक उमीद नई जागी है,

इस दुनिया में हम ही तो बागी है!


बुराई से बगावत करने आये है हम,

हमें तुम ना समझना कम!


हम चाहे लोग कम खडे है,

पर इरादे हमारें बढे है!


हम चाहें कमज़ोर हों,

रास्तें में चाहे कितने मोड़ हों।


इश्वर हमारे साथ है,

जीत हमारे हाथ है!





God, where are you today?

Gloomy today is the whole world.


It has lost distinction

It has lost courage.


But humanity is still alive,

Some hearts are still pure.


The tales of the likes of Kalaam and Bose are still heard,

On this great white wall, there is a single stain.


The name of this stain is hatred,

Don’t darken it.


Clean this stain,

Do this great job.


God today we are in your search,

The people on seats of power are corpses.


But a new hope has risen,

In this evil world, we alone are the traitors.


We have come to betray evil,

Don’t consider us to be weak.


We might be less in numbers,

But our intentions are strong.


We might be weak,

There might be a million obstacles in our path.


But God is with us,

Victory is in our hands.







Thanks for reading! Sorry the translation was not done properly since English and Hindi are quite different.

How did you find it? Should i write more poems in hindi?

Garuka: Chapter 9

The horses neighed and halted in unison, as Rudrayan raised his hand.

“The tracks go into the forest. The path is too narrow for all the horses to pass at once. We must dismount here.” He declared.

Everyone complied and quickly hopped off their stallions.

The company marched into the woods, fully alert.

After walking a few metres, the road bent sharp left.

They all took out their swords and walked light-footedly.

 Varun’s eyes were focused on the ground.

He was afraid of what they might find…


They stood quietly, listening. The path had ended into dense trees, and so had Surya’s trail. It seemed that there was a huge opening at a distance, but the soldiers wanted to be sure before they proceeded.

Abruptly, a shriek tore through the air. It was clear, Surya had been taken captive, and the camp was in front of them.

Rudrayan motioned at them and they took positions. Then, they all cried in one voice, “Long live Garuka!” and began the onslaught.

To be continued…

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Garuka: Chapter 8

Asuka laughed. “This is the best thing which happened in years!”

He stood beside Rudrayan. They were looking at the ground beyond the orchards.

There was a straight line which had been drawn with a sword’s tip, starting from where they stood, and going on towards the forest. Surya had traced his path while pursuing the enemy, hence giving them a straight path to the base of Kaal!

Lord Asuka immediately summoned a company of fifty men. Rudrayan was to lead them towards the camp, destroy it, and bring back Surya.

The army which attacked the Fort would take a longer route to avoid being intercepted. If the Garukans could reach before the army, it would be a huge success.

Asuka arranged for fifty horses, and the men were armed.

Varun was one of them, and he was more than happy to be a part of this mission.

The general roared. “Long Live Garuka!!”

The soldiers echoed his call and sped off along the trail…

To be continued…

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Garuka: Chapter 7

Lord Asuka marched around the fort, analyzing casualties and losses. His face was black with anger. Twelve men had been martyred. Almost all were injured. There had been heavy destruction of the defenses.

The sun was just rising from the horizon, and the red light gave a calming hue to the land.

The enemy had been defeated, thanks to the alertness of the guards, who warned the soldiers as soon as they arrived.

They had killed over a hundred members of the Kaal, but most had retreated.

Suddenly, Rudrayan, the only colonel of Fort Swift, came running to him.

Fort Swift

“Sire! There is something you must see!” He exclaimed.

Asuka nodded and started following him.

They reached the bank of the river, where the bridge had once been.

“Oh yes. I heard about the bravery of Surya. He was quite a soldier, able to time his moves with the opening of the dam upstream. It is quite painful that he was martyred.” Asuka said.

“Lord, that’s not it. I found something on the other bank. Surya is even smarter than we thought.”

To be continued…

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Garuka: Chapter 6

How are you? It has been some time since I posted a chapter of my Garuka series. So here it is. Hope you like it. Please leave a review.

Fort Swift

As the water subsided, Surya saw the sixth enemy standing on the other bank, trembling. He turned, and ran towards the orchard.

Suddenly, an arrow came straight at him and pierced his right shoulder. He fell to the ground.

Surya twisted his head and saw Varun standing on the tower. He cried, “Well done Surya!”

He grinned, before turning his attention towards the invader again. He had gotten up, and was swiftly moving away from the fort.

Surya looked at his own hand. It was bleeding profusely. Realising that it was his best chance, he ran forth and dived into the river.

To be continued…


Looking forward to reading your comments. I am open to suggestions, and criticism.

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Garuka Chapter 5

The enemy swung his club widely, as Surya dropped to the ground to avoid being hit. He swiftly moved his sword forth and left a deep gash on the opponent’s right foot.

Roaring, he brought the club down, aiming for Surya’s head. Surya hopped backwards, and got back on his feet. As the giant lifted his weapon off the surface, the Garukan warrior noticed a huge crack. He smiled.

He bent forward, and awaited an attack. As the ton of metal came downwards, he jumped forth, passing from between the giant’s legs. He regained his balance, got up on his feet, and pierced the enemy’s back with his blade.

The terrorist howled in pain, but turned almost instantly, throwing Surya off balance. As he fell, the enemy precisely aimed for his right arm, and this time didn’t miss.

Surya’s limb was completely fractured. He groaned.

Quickly picking up the sword with his left hand, he aimlessly swung it.

The giant laughed gruffly, and his companions shouted encouragement in their own tongue.

Then, as if by divine intervention, a Garukan soldier standing on the tower far away noticed the ordeal and shot an arrow aimed at the dueler, before turning his attention to the main front again.

Though it missed, it caused the brigand to lose his footing. Sensing and opportunity Surya jumped up and slashed at his feet.

Wincing, the enemy roared stood straight up, towering above him. Surya looked at the bridge’s surface, and then gave a quick glance towards the north. It was time…

He put his sword into the crevice which had been formed by the club’s blows, and jerked at it, acting as if it were stuck. The giant smiled and planning to break the sword, tried to strike it. At the end moment Surya withdrew his sword, and the impact widened the crack. It spread through the length and breadth of the bridge. Surya started to withdraw.

The invaders, not realizing what was happening, followed their advancing master.

Then, Surya struck the stone structure with all his might, and it collapsed at once, taking down five of the terrorists. As they fell, a huge current of water reached the point, and carried them away in the torrents. He smiled. He had timed it right…

To be continued…

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Garuka: Chapter 4

Surya moved forward, his sword pointed towards the men.

He could hear cries from the other side of the fort. It seemed that the real battle was being fought elsewhere. These were just a distraction to divide the Garukan soldiers.

If he blew the horn again, more soldiers would come for his help, but that would mean weakening the other front. Surya had to fight this group alone…

He looked around, trying to think of a plan. He remembered the drill well enough. If he could time it right…

He needed to act fast. What did he remember about the group now?

The members of Kaal were known for their pride. Maybe he could use that to his benefit…

“So who are these weaklings here?” He said. Though he spoke powerfully, his feet were trembling.

The militants looked at each other. They couldn’t believe the courage of this man.

“So you need six men to over-power me? Does anyone of you have the guts to duel?”

A voice inside Surya told him to stop, but he had no other way, he needed time.

The brigands laughed gruffly. The leader motioned to the shortest of his comrades, and said something in his tongue.

“Not him.” Surya said quickly. “You.”

The leader smiled widely. Carrying his club, he walked forward. Surya did the same, until both of them stood face to face, at the middle of the bridge.

He closed his eyes, and prayed to the God for help. Then, he looked the enemy in the eye, and said: “Bring it on!”

To be continued…

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I am also open to suggestions for names of characters, forts, towns etc. If you have any suggestions, please share.

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Poetry in lockdown


Hi there!

Now it is unlike of me to talk about the current situation on this blog, since its purpose, which I strictly adhere to, is poetry and prose.

However, one aspect of the situation has been in my mind since long.

With people having more free time, it only makes sense that a writer should write more.

Infact, before this pandemic popped up, I had made plans to write a lot more than usual. But despite this time, I feel that it is quite difficult to write poetry today compared to before.

Now, I am a person unbothered by external situations. The reason I claim what I claimed, is not because the virus worries me. It is because inspiration for me comes from nature.

Now that I haven’t seen nature for over a month, I have been unable to write anything new.

I tried a haiku today, but it ended up being one about the current situation. Some might not find a problem in that, but I do.

I earnestly believe that poetry is supposed to be something relatable to in every circumstance. However, this disaster is transitory, and shall pass.

And so, the poem too will lose whatever meaning it had.

Of course, I see some poets have written wonderful poems which indirectly hint at the situation, but can also be viewed separately. That, is something I love. However, I have been unable to pull that off.

So I will just try to post some short stories I had written in the past.

So what are your views? Have you been able to write more during this time, or are you like me?

Do let me know in the comment section.

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I have been posting the Garuka series on my blog. This is a map of the main castle I created for it. Please review.

Greater Castle

I have also created some other maps, which I have posted before. Here they are:

Fort Swift
Village Downland
Kingdom of Garuka

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Garuka: Chapter 3

Hullo! This is the third chapter of the Garuka series. Hope you like it. Do leave an honest review in the comment section along with suggestions.




As Surya turned, a knife swished past him, leaving a deep cut on his left arm. He winced, and took his sword out of the scabbard.

“Surrender yourself! You stand in the territory of Lord Asuka!” He bellowed, following the protocol.

Fort Swift: Territory of Lord Asuka

There were laughs from the orchard. Surya’s left hand moved towards the war horn held at his waist by the belt. Six men walked out of the shade of the trees, and moved towards the bridge.

They were draped fully in black, and their eyes were the only thing not covered. Three of them held bows, while the others bore huge clubs. Each of them was over six feet tall, while the one in the middle was over seven.

“Drop your weapons!” Surya said, bringing the horn close to his mouth.

The men nocked their arrows, aiming at Surya.

Blood continued to flow through his wound. Realising there was no other resort, he blew the horn.

The thundering sound echoed through the land, waking everyone.

Surya was surprised at how loud it was. As he stopped, he realized that his was not the only horn blowing. From all eight directions the sound rose, warning the soldiers.

This couldn’t get any worse…

They had been encircled…



To be continued…


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Garuka: Chapter 2

Bending on his knees, Surya dipped his hands into the river, and splashed the water on his face.

Blinking his eyes, he got up. He could hear the crickets chirping and owls hooting in the distance.

The gibbous moon illuminated the land, and there was no sign of dawn.

Surya had been given the night duty, and he was forced to patrol the area surrounding Fort Swift without any company, since the other guards had separate routes. He kicked a pebble with his right foot, and it landed in the River Sun. The water splashed all about, and an owl flew off a nearby tree.

Fort swift

Surya laughed, recollecting all the events that had taken place in the past few weeks.

After he and fifty three other men from his village had signed up for military service, they had been brought to the fort. They had been trained rigorously for a fortnight. They had been subject to all forms of inspection. They got exactly three hours of sleep every night, had to run twenty miles in an hour, and were given training in archery, sword-fighting and horse-riding.

Surya’s Village

During this period, it had become clear that the fort was short of troops. The King had deployed three battalions, of five-hundred men each, but a huge number had been martyred in the fight against Kaal. About seven hundred men now remained- clearly insufficient.

The training had finished three days ago, and Surya, along with the other recruits, had been made a Lieutenant.

He sighed. The night was nowhere near completion, and he longed for some much needed rest.

As he turned to retrace his patrolling route, he heard a rustling sound coming from the orchard to his left, on the other side of the river.

He became fully alert, and grabbed the hilt of his sword…

To be continued…


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Garuka: Chapter 1

Hullo! Here is the first chapter of my story: Garuka. Hope you like it. Leave your review and suggestions in the comment section!

Surya quickened his pace. He knew he was going to be late…

The army had summoned all military aged men in Village Downland to the river bank, for an important discussion.

He could spot a gathering in the distance, but thankfully, there seemed to be no officials present yet.

Arriving amongst the crowd, he took a seat beside his friend Varun, and they acknowledged each other’s presence with a smile and nod.

About seventy men had gathered. A few children, the elderly and women stood at a distance, wishing to hear the latest gossip.

Population: 112, Families 16.

After a wait of about fifteen minutes, a group of soldiers marched into the meeting, bearing the flag of the kingdom of Garuka: The sign of the Royal Wolf.

They were led by Lord Asuka, General of Fort Swift. He was riding his white stallion. His arrival meant it must be an important event.

The soldiers lined up at a side, while Lord Asuka ascended the elevated platform.

“Good Morning, dear civilians!” He said the last word in a condescending manner. He took great pride in his status, and considered anyone not enrolled in the military as less human.

“I am here for an important announcement. You all must be aware about the tyranny of the bandit group ‘Kaal’ operating in the woods.”

There were murmurs in the crowd. ‘Kaal’ was no bandit group. They were the most feared terrorists in the whole kingdom. They had assassinated numerous soldiers, and would often enter the village, and abduct children. It was said that they would eat the ones they kidnapped.

Their mere mention was enough to strike fear in the hearts of the bravest.

Lord Asuka continued. “Last week, they martyred two hundred of our soldiers at night.”

The crowd nodded. The rumours were true then.

“We have received orders from the King himself. The soldiers shall be avenged!” He roared.

The people broke into applause and cheering.

“Long live Garuka!” The soldiers howled.

The general raised his hand.

“DO YOU WANT TO SERVE YOUR KINGDOM? DO YOU WANT TO BE A SOLDIER OF GARUKA?” He asked in a clear and powerful voice.

“Yes!” The whole crowd cried in unison, including the elderly and the kids, who were not allowed.

“Fort swift is recruiting. All able bodied men may apply. You will be given extensive training over the following weeks, after which you shall be inducted into our army. You will receive a daily wage, clothes to wear, and food in the army. My captain will brief you on the formalities. I look forward to seeing you at the fort.” He said and got off the stage, hopped onto his mare, and rode away, followed by a troop of soldiers.

Surya smiled broadly. This was his dream come true. There was no doubt; He was joining…


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Hullo friends!

I have an update for you:

I had been posting a story titled Serp as chapters. But for now I am putting that on a hold. I will be starting a new series on my blog, by the name of Garuka.

It will revolve around a kingdom of the same name, set in the ancient-medieval era.

I have been working on a map of the same. Here it is:

It is still incomplete. I will update it soon.

I will start the story soon.

Stay tuned!

Also, I am looking for suggestions for names of a warrior. If you have any, please tell me in the comments. Thank you!

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A weapon’s worth

The measure of a weapon’s worth,

is the skill

of the bearer.

-Canicula (From Vulpardeo)


You may try to pull me down,

You may try to give me pain.

You may try to make me frown.

But I am a Mountain!


You may use your force,

You may try to my life stain,

You may shut all the doors,

but I am a mountain!


I am unstoppable,

I will walls break,

You will be unable,

To my foundations shake.


I make my own way,

I will rise from the earth like a fountain,

No matter what the others say,

I am a Mountain!


If you close doors, I will break them,

If you destroy lanes,

I will make them.

For I am a Mountain!



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This is 100th post!

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Thank you to all of you. I hope you keep reading.

100 Posts

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