Fear and Courage

Franklin D Roosevelt once said: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” We all fear something or the other. In fact, if a person tells you he fears nothing, he is afraid of the truth. But does that fear make you a coward? DefinitelyContinue reading “Fear and Courage”

There’s a Spark in YOU

They say that there is a spark inside each of us, and all it needs is to be ignited. Once it is given the fuel, it becomes unquenchable. It consumes all that is fed to it, and comes out stronger. However, a flame which is still growing is easy to put out. A few dropsContinue reading “There’s a Spark in YOU”

Thinking about Thoughts

How do you define thoughts? I have been wondering about this question for some time. I decided to do a quick search on the net. The dictionary defines ‘thinking’ as: “The process of considering or reasoning about something“ So I did what was obvious. I asked it what reasoning was. The answer: “The action ofContinue reading “Thinking about Thoughts”

Running in Circles

We all have been running in circles. We have been running in circles ever since humankind evolved. We wish to get out of it, yet we are afraid of trying. Our lives have fallen into a predictable pattern. Wake up, eat, get ready, leave for work, come back at night, and sleep. We hate ourContinue reading “Running in Circles”

About Page Edited

Hello Everyone! I have recently edited my About Page to better suit my site. Please check it out and let me know how it is! Oh and I have changed the comment settings so that the readers who are not logged into WordPress can comment without having to enter their email and website, however, itContinue reading “About Page Edited”

It’s a story!!!

“And the man plummeted down the cliff, and fell for five straight minutes…” “Impossible! He would fall 450 kilometres in that time in vaccum. With air, it would still be well over a hundred. Unless the cliff was on the ISS, he couldn’t fall that long!” “It’s a story Ishaan!!!” The class roared, and sighing,Continue reading “It’s a story!!!”

Philosphy of Rope and Snake

How are you all? Yesterday, i posted a Haiku on my blog, titled Illusion. For those who didn’t read it, here is the content: A rope in the dark, Is often scarier than A visible snake -Ishaan So a few minutes had passed since it had been posted, when one of my subscribers contacted meContinue reading “Philosphy of Rope and Snake”


Hullo dear readers! As most of my readers would have noticed the omega symbol is all over my site/blog. One of my readers, Nilesh Sharma, contacted me, asking about the reason for it. So today, I am going to explain the reasons for choosing it. 1) Omega has been used to signify balance. I believeContinue reading “Omega”

I crossed a milestone!(Maybe)

Hullo blogger friends! Great to see you here. So today, something completely weird happened. I had just posted a poem titled Midnight, and was going through the numerous notifications. I greatly admire the super human bloggers who can give me 30 likes within a minute, yet not a single view(They possess a great gadget namedContinue reading “I crossed a milestone!(Maybe)”

Reality: Some thoughts

Today, I was struck by a strange idea. What is reality? When a man is awake, to him everything around him is reality. Whatever happened in his dream the night before, was an illusion. Yet when a man dreams, all that he sees is real, and anything else is not. So what is reality? HowContinue reading “Reality: Some thoughts”


Hello there! In my last post, I had asked for help regarding making of detailed fictional maps. My dear friend, the StoryTeller, from Brother’s Campfire, was kind enough to suggest a software named Inkarnate. I tried it, and was able to build a nice map for the fictional land of Vulpardeo. Thank you Brother! IContinue reading “Vulpardeo”


This is an excerpt from the Destiny series. It is a communication between Chris and Mark about magic. . . “So you can do magic?” Mark asked Chris. “That depends on what you mean by doing magic. I can’t conjure a dove, or make a rabbit jump out a hat. But I can hear theContinue reading “Magic”


Hey guys! Today I would like to talk about a simple idea that occurred to me. Upon reading into it, I realised that it is an area which has been widely discussed by many great men, but the common human still doesn’t realise this. People often complain about circumstances limiting their lives, while in realityContinue reading “Circumstances”

1 Month Ago…

One month ago, I took a decision. To start blogging. And today, looking back, I feel that it was a great achievement. In this one month, I have found great encouragement from my fellow bloggers. I want to thank you all. I feel that WordPress has helped me improve my writing and induced within meContinue reading “1 Month Ago…”

Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Rising Star. I would like to thank him for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I was extremely overjoyed on learning about the nomination because being a new blogger, I didn’t expect to be nominated by such a prestigious writer. Rising Star aims at motivating othersContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Dreams: The mystery

Hey there! I am used to writing stories and poems, but for a difference I will be writing about dreams this time. Sounds boring, right? But in reality, I am going to be talking about things which will blow your mind. lucid dreaming: I remember when once I was scared to sleep because I wasContinue reading “Dreams: The mystery”

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