Twist in Destiny

[—Reposted—] They say man is by destiny bound. That he is a mere puppet, Guided by the holy sound, Deciding his rise and set. . That is the the greatest lie there is. . Circumstances don’t make you, you make them, your conditions don’t make you feel blue, Unless you let them. . There shallContinue reading “Twist in Destiny”

The prophecy of Canicula

Hello friends! This post is about a prophecy by Lord Canicula from my story titled Vulpardeo. Hope you like it. Seek for the great sign, It is time for the sun to shine! Seek for the dog-star, Come has the rise of power! Seek for the hidden Mark, Come is the fall of the dark!Continue reading “The prophecy of Canicula”

Destiny: Excerpt 13

Hey There! I have come a long way with this story, and thank you all for the support. . . At quarter to ten, Mark sat on his bed, listening to the music they had selected. He had read that for mutual dreaming to occur, the minds of the participants should be tuned, and musicContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 13”

Destiny : Excerpt 11

Here is the eleventh part. Hope you like it! . . . “This is strange…” Jason said. They were back in Mark’s room, and were brainstorming about the myriad possibilities.  “And what did she mean when she asked if we would ever meet her again? Where are we going?” Allison asked. “But who was sheContinue reading “Destiny : Excerpt 11”

Destiny: Excerpt 10

Here is the tenth excerpt of the Destiny Series. Hope you like it. . . . “None of this makes sense!” Jason exclaimed. Mark had just finished telling them his part of the story, to which the others had reacted with disbelief. “But is any of this actually possible? Could this be a mere coincidence?”Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 10”

Destiny: Excerpt 9

Here is the ninth part of the destiny series. Hope you like it! . . . Two hours later, he sat on the same tree where he had been sitting the previous day. But this time, he had no book in hand. He was simply staring at the clouds enveloping the sun, filtering its light.Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 9”

Destiny: Excerpt 8

Here is the eighth part of the Destiny Series. Hope you like it. . . . Mark paced back and forth, straining his head. It was only four in the morning, but he was up already, so he had enough time to think without any disturbance from the others. “Who is Canicula? And what onContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 8”

Destiny: Excerpt 7

The seventh part of Destiny series is here. Hope you like it. . . . Mark slowly wound his way into sleep, but this time in a different dream. . . Screams filled the air. They were only overshadowed by the thunder. You could hear people pleading as they were barbarously slaughtered. The laughs ofContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 7”

Destiny: Excerpt 6

Here is the sixth excerpt of the Destiny Series. Hope you all like it. . . . Mark sat in his bedroom, staring at the computer screen. He had spent a lot of time trying to find something more about Vulpardeo. He had decided against asking Ms. Stark, as he knew that she won’t tellContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 6”

Destiny: Excerpt 4

Hey there! I am back with the fourth installment of the Destiny series. Hope you like it. If you haven’t read the earlier posts yet, I recommend you do so. Links below. . . . He continued reading. On Sunday morning, a small town named Hearlston, located in the mountainside was a site of interestContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 4”

Destiny: Excerpt 3

Hey there! This is the third installment of my excerpts from the Destiny series. In case you haven’t read the previous ones, I suggest you do. Links mentioned below. Thanks a lot for coming here! . . . Mark’s forehead started throbbing with pain. Thoughts raced through his head, and he could think of nothingContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 3”

Destiny: Excerpt 2

Hey people! I posted the first excerpt from my Destiny series a few days back, and after some thought decided to continue posting more from it. So, here is the second excerpt, hope you like it! (P.S. I suggest reading the excerpt 1 first if you haven’t done that yet. The link is mentioned below)Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 2”

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