The Hour of Doom

[———-Reposted———-] When the clouds shall rain blood, and when skulls and bones, shall grow from the thick mud, The air filled with shrieks and moans. . When the stars shall fade The moon shall turn brown, When the sky shall lose its shade, The earth, shall in that hour frown. . Water shall dry, andContinue reading “The Hour of Doom”

Garuka: Chapter 11

Surya led Rudrayan into the tent. On the floor, three men lay, gagged and blindfolded. Rudrayan smiled. He looked at him and said, “Lord Asuka will be pleased to learn of this. You have shown exceptional bravery. The whole Garuka is grateful for this. For now, we shall drag these men back to the fort.Continue reading “Garuka: Chapter 11”

Garuka: Chapter 10

Hi all! How are you? So it has been quite some time since I posted the 9th chapter of the Garuka series. I am sorry if I left any reader hanging. As strange as it may sound, I had forgotten about it 😅. Hopefully I will be more regular now. So let’s start! The GarukanContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 10”

Garuka: Chapter 9

The horses neighed and halted in unison, as Rudrayan raised his hand. “The tracks go into the forest. The path is too narrow for all the horses to pass at once. We must dismount here.” He declared. Everyone complied and quickly hopped off their stallions. The company marched into the woods, fully alert. After walkingContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 9”

Garuka: Chapter 8

Asuka laughed. “This is the best thing which happened in years!” He stood beside Rudrayan. They were looking at the ground beyond the orchards. There was a straight line which had been drawn with a sword’s tip, starting from where they stood, and going on towards the forest. Surya had traced his path while pursuingContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 8”

Garuka: Chapter 7

Lord Asuka marched around the fort, analyzing casualties and losses. His face was black with anger. Twelve men had been martyred. Almost all were injured. There had been heavy destruction of the defenses. The sun was just rising from the horizon, and the red light gave a calming hue to the land. The enemy hadContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 7”

Garuka: Chapter 6

How are you? It has been some time since I posted a chapter of my Garuka series. So here it is. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. As the water subsided, Surya saw the sixth enemy standing on the other bank, trembling. He turned, and ran towards the orchard. Suddenly, an arrow cameContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 6”

Garuka Chapter 5

The enemy swung his club widely, as Surya dropped to the ground to avoid being hit. He swiftly moved his sword forth and left a deep gash on the opponent’s right foot. Roaring, he brought the club down, aiming for Surya’s head. Surya hopped backwards, and got back on his feet. As the giant liftedContinue reading “Garuka Chapter 5”

Garuka: Chapter 4

Surya moved forward, his sword pointed towards the men. He could hear cries from the other side of the fort. It seemed that the real battle was being fought elsewhere. These were just a distraction to divide the Garukan soldiers. If he blew the horn again, more soldiers would come for his help, but thatContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 4”

Garuka: Chapter 3

Hullo! This is the third chapter of the Garuka series. Hope you like it. Do leave an honest review in the comment section along with suggestions. . . . As Surya turned, a knife swished past him, leaving a deep cut on his left arm. He winced, and took his sword out of the scabbard.Continue reading “Garuka: Chapter 3”

Garuka: Chapter 2

Bending on his knees, Surya dipped his hands into the river, and splashed the water on his face. Blinking his eyes, he got up. He could hear the crickets chirping and owls hooting in the distance. The gibbous moon illuminated the land, and there was no sign of dawn. Surya had been given the nightContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 2”

Garuka: Chapter 1

Hullo! Here is the first chapter of my story: Garuka. Hope you like it. Leave your review and suggestions in the comment section! Surya quickened his pace. He knew he was going to be late… The army had summoned all military aged men in Village Downland to the river bank, for an important discussion. HeContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 1”

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