Call of The Himalayas

I can hear, The Himalayas calling, I can feel, The flakes falling. . The mountains stand high, The mountains stand strong, The tibetan bells are nigh, Oh, it won’t be long! . I am on my way, This time, I just won’t stay. You can hear my echoes in the valley, You can see meContinue reading “Call of The Himalayas”

Heaven Hunter

Leaves Across the scene swept, tonight, even the clouds wept. No-one knew how long this would last, Life out of his eyes vanished fast. . Time is running out, all he can do is shout! then it all ceased… . His life across his eyes flashed, as his body the wind slashed. The moment stretchedContinue reading “Heaven Hunter”


I sit on a chair, coffee-mug on the window sill, The wind ruffling my hair. It has travelled over farm over mill. . It brings with it the distant cries, Sometimes I hear laughter, Sometimes cold sighs, Sometimes drops of saline water. . Muffled in the sound, is the cuckoo’s music, Though we are homebound,Continue reading “Imagination”

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