सूर्य (Translation Below)

नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ। मैं अभी देवनागरी में type करना सीख रहा हूँ इसलिये कृपया मेरी गलतियों को क्षमा करें। आशा है आपको कविता पसन्द आये। सूर्य आखिर सूर्य जागा है। • आखिर सूर्य जागा है,घोर अँधियारा हमने लाँघा है।उषा की लालिमा छाई है,हमने फिर खुशहाली पाई है।Continue reading “सूर्य (Translation Below)”

Search for Truth

I travelled to places far,And saw as far as went my sight.Despite this wait of many hours,I found no end to this plight. I heard the speech of many a man,Which gave peace to all but me,And say this for sure I can,I still didn’t find any glee. I tasted many a herb,many glories toContinue reading “Search for Truth”

The Northern Wind

[——Reposted——] Oh Northern wind! What tidings do you bring? Words from a bard’s mind, you so beautifully sing. .. Far you have come, but farther you must go. All the way you shall hum, ballads of joy and sorrow. .. You have passed through the valley, You have rushed, through the alley. Yet on youContinue reading “The Northern Wind”

The Sword Bleeds

Oh now the sword bleeds! Drips down the dark blood. Oh there go all the valiant deeds, The warrior is lowered into the mud. . It remembers the fiery chambers, The torturous furnace, The flying embers, It was forged in the gloomy days. . It remembers when it the warrior chose to wield, Gave itContinue reading “The Sword Bleeds”


Happy Independence day to all my indian readers! I haven’t written anything lately, so thought of reposting this poem for this occasion. Jai Hind! (Note: The english version of this poem can be found below). नमस्कार मित्रों। आज मैं आपके लिये भारत पर एक हिन्दी कविता लाया हूँ । देवनागरी में टाइप करना मेरे लियेContinue reading “भारत”

Twist in Destiny

[—Reposted—] They say man is by destiny bound. That he is a mere puppet, Guided by the holy sound, Deciding his rise and set. . That is the the greatest lie there is. . Circumstances don’t make you, you make them, your conditions don’t make you feel blue, Unless you let them. . There shallContinue reading “Twist in Destiny”

Poem: A Winter Evening

This was the first poem I published on this blog. I wrote it over 4 years back, when I was just 10, and haven’t written anything new recently, so thought of reposting it. Looking back, I wouldn’t call it a good poem, but since this was where it all started, there seems no harm inContinue reading “Poem: A Winter Evening”

Fall of the Eternal Darkness

I look at the sky The eternal darkness. Seems as if joy has been struck by illness . The days are dark The nights darker Evil is stark Good is weaker . There is no moon Far off is noon Never ending pain Oh! Humanity has been stained . No silver lining on the cloudContinue reading “Fall of the Eternal Darkness”

Free Fall

We are in free fall, Plumetting down the chasm, Surrounded by the fiery wall. . There is no hope, No crevice to hold on to, Nor any rope. . Death seems certain, All that our future holds, Is pain. . All action seems futile, For we are in free fall, Yet I wear a smile.Continue reading “Free Fall”

The End

The Cloud bleeds Into infinite darkness. . Darkness without a blot. The blood trickles down the unseen ether. . It falls on the thirsty land, Seeping into the depth. . Into the fiery chasm. Into the dying light. . Yet there stands no witness, To the bleeding sky. . In that eternal darknes. . TheContinue reading “The End”

Call of The Himalayas

I can hear, The Himalayas calling, I can feel, The flakes falling. . The mountains stand high, The mountains stand strong, The tibetan bells are nigh, Oh, it won’t be long! . I am on my way, This time, I just won’t stay. You can hear my echoes in the valley, You can see meContinue reading “Call of The Himalayas”

The prophecy of Canicula

Hello friends! This post is about a prophecy by Lord Canicula from my story titled Vulpardeo. Hope you like it. Seek for the great sign, It is time for the sun to shine! Seek for the dog-star, Come has the rise of power! Seek for the hidden Mark, Come is the fall of the dark!Continue reading “The prophecy of Canicula”

Lament for Erus the Wise

This is a lament for a character from my story of Vulpardeo. Hope you like it. He was born, In the elder days, In time’s morn, So the poets say . Born to a weaver by the shore Saved by a beaver So says the lore. . Taken by the saints At an early age,Continue reading “Lament for Erus the Wise”

A wanderer was he…

A wanderer was he His pace was swift. The world he longed to see, His foot fell on hill and rift. . A wanderer was he, Every horse he rode. He saw every desert and sea Every boat he rowed. . A wanderer was he His feet, the earth like sunlight swept. He decided toContinue reading “A wanderer was he…”

Heaven Hunter

Leaves Across the scene swept, tonight, even the clouds wept. No-one knew how long this would last, Life out of his eyes vanished fast. . Time is running out, all he can do is shout! then it all ceased… . His life across his eyes flashed, as his body the wind slashed. The moment stretchedContinue reading “Heaven Hunter”

Poem: Parting with friends

This is one of the first poems I publsihed on this blog. I am reposting it since I can’t think of anything new. . . The happiness we felt together, will forever in our heart grin . The tears we wept together, will forever our heart drain . The wounds we suffered together, will foreverContinue reading “Poem: Parting with friends”


hello! This is my first poem in hindi. I have also written the translation in english for my readers from overseas. Please tell how you find it. It is a little difficult to type hindi so please excuse me for spelling errors. Hope you like it. बागी खुदा आज है कहां आज उदास पूरा जहां।Continue reading “बागी”


I sit on a chair, coffee-mug on the window sill, The wind ruffling my hair. It has travelled over farm over mill. . It brings with it the distant cries, Sometimes I hear laughter, Sometimes cold sighs, Sometimes drops of saline water. . Muffled in the sound, is the cuckoo’s music, Though we are homebound,Continue reading “Imagination”

Haiku: Contradictions

Hello! This is one of the first Haikus I have ever written, so please excuse me if it isn’t good. It talks about the contradictions in nature. Hope you like it. Please do share your views in the comments. Should I write more haikus? Please do tell. I look at the sun,Light is why weContinue reading “Haiku: Contradictions”

Poem:Life is a trampoline

Another one of my oldest poems. I wrote this when eleven. Hope you like it. Life is a trampoline Be you a beggar or a queen . When you are high Are aware that it isn’t another lie Have checked that you are alive, brace yourself for another dive. …. Life is a trampoline, beContinue reading “Poem:Life is a trampoline”

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