The Hour of Doom

[———-Reposted———-] When the clouds shall rain blood, and when skulls and bones, shall grow from the thick mud, The air filled with shrieks and moans. . When the stars shall fade The moon shall turn brown, When the sky shall lose its shade, The earth, shall in that hour frown. . Water shall dry, andContinue reading “The Hour of Doom”

Sapphire: Chapter 1

Akshat had always felt that Mr. Gupta was a rather strange person. They had been neighbours for years, but Akshat still didn’t know his first name. Not that he hadn’t tried to find out. He would often come across him on the street, but before he could say anything, Mr. Gupta would hurry off. HeContinue reading “Sapphire: Chapter 1”

Garuka: Chapter 11

Surya led Rudrayan into the tent. On the floor, three men lay, gagged and blindfolded. Rudrayan smiled. He looked at him and said, “Lord Asuka will be pleased to learn of this. You have shown exceptional bravery. The whole Garuka is grateful for this. For now, we shall drag these men back to the fort.Continue reading “Garuka: Chapter 11”

Garuka: Chapter 8

Asuka laughed. “This is the best thing which happened in years!” He stood beside Rudrayan. They were looking at the ground beyond the orchards. There was a straight line which had been drawn with a sword’s tip, starting from where they stood, and going on towards the forest. Surya had traced his path while pursuingContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 8”

Garuka: Chapter 4

Surya moved forward, his sword pointed towards the men. He could hear cries from the other side of the fort. It seemed that the real battle was being fought elsewhere. These were just a distraction to divide the Garukan soldiers. If he blew the horn again, more soldiers would come for his help, but thatContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 4”

Garuka: Chapter 1

Hullo! Here is the first chapter of my story: Garuka. Hope you like it. Leave your review and suggestions in the comment section! Surya quickened his pace. He knew he was going to be late… The army had summoned all military aged men in Village Downland to the river bank, for an important discussion. HeContinue reading “Garuka: Chapter 1”

Serp: Chapter 7

This is the seventh chapter of my Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. Chapter 7 Serp Society: Report 277 I remain the last member of this society. Yesterday both my dear friends passed away. My death too, seems imminent. I write this report with the hope that my nephew, Arjun willContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 7”

Serp: Chapter 6

Here is the sixth chapter of my Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. After a few minutes, he started reading the next sheet. Serp Society: Report 257 Today, six of our members were found dead in their respective homes. It is a matter of great distress, for our numbers are dwindling.Continue reading “Serp: Chapter 6”

Serp: Chapter 4

Hello there! This is the fourth chapter of the Serp series. Hope you like it! Arjun sat on a bench on the banks of the Godavari. He was crying, sad about the loss of his uncle. He heard the sound of a sheep behind him, and turned to find a huge horde of them, ledContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 4”

Serp: Chapter 3

Here is the third chapter from my new Serp series. Hope you like it! Please leave your reviews in the comments. . Arjun found himself surrounded by darkness. He couldn’t make out anything, and even his own body wasn’t visible. He turned in all directions, but saw nothing. Then, slowly objects started to apparate allContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 3”

Serp: Chapter 2

Here is the second chapter of the Serp series. Hope you like it. Please leave a review. Arjun lay in his bed, thinking. It had been fifteen days since his uncle’s death, and his memory still brought back tears to his eyes. His family members had arrived soon after the news of the death reachedContinue reading “Serp: Chapter 2”

Serp: Chapter 1

Hullo there! So here is the firs chapter of my ‘Serp’ series. Hope you like it! Arjun walked down the staircase, and reaching the ground floor, exited the school through the main gate. Students rushed past him, chattering and laughing loudly. The summer break had begun, and Arjun was the only one unhappy with that.Continue reading “Serp: Chapter 1”

Destiny: Excerpt 9

Here is the ninth part of the destiny series. Hope you like it! . . . Two hours later, he sat on the same tree where he had been sitting the previous day. But this time, he had no book in hand. He was simply staring at the clouds enveloping the sun, filtering its light.Continue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 9”

Destiny: Excerpt 7

The seventh part of Destiny series is here. Hope you like it. . . . Mark slowly wound his way into sleep, but this time in a different dream. . . Screams filled the air. They were only overshadowed by the thunder. You could hear people pleading as they were barbarously slaughtered. The laughs ofContinue reading “Destiny: Excerpt 7”

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